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Mt Yasur

No description

Brianna Schwartz

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Mt Yasur

Mt Yasur
How high is Mt Yasur and where is it located?
Mount Yasur is located on Tanna Island, Vanuatu reaching a height of 361 meters and 1,184 feet above sea level. It’s also in the ring of fire.
Is Mt Yasur a active Volcano?
Yes. Mount Yasur is one of the most accessible live volcano in the world. Anyone can walk up to it and peer down into it. Huge explosions from deep inside the crater can frequently shake the ground and are followed by rubble that shoots high into the air.
When is Mt Yasur most active?
Mount Yasur is most active between late February and April during the wet season. A lot of a means higher groundwater level, this may allow water to come in contact with hot rocks around the magma chamber.
What type of volcano is Mt Yasur?
Mt Yasur is a Cinder Cone volcano. A Cinder Cone is also known as a scoria cone and it’s a steep conical hill of volcanic debris that accumulates around and downwind from the volcanic vent. They are built from ash and cinder.
How long has Mt Yasur been erupting?
Mt Yasur has been erupting since 1744.This is when Mt Yasur was first discovered and It is not known of any earlier record. Its last major eruption was in 2008.
What is the latitude of Mt Yasur?
Mt Yasur latitude is 19.53 degrees south, 169,442 degrees east.
How many eruptions have affected humans?
Only 10 eruptions have affected the weather and humans.
When was Mt Yasur discovered and who discovered it?
Captain James Cook discovered in 1744 on his first European voyage out to the island. He was attracted to it because of its fiery glow during its eruption.
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