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Persuasion Through Advertising

This presentation shows students the different persuasion techniques marketers use to convince people to buy their products.

Justin Lander

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of Persuasion Through Advertising

Persuasive Advertising Techniques
Ideal Kids and Families Kids and families always seem perfect.
The kids are really hip looking, with the newest
fashions, haircuts and toys. Ideal families are all
pleasant looking -- and everyone seems to get along!
Ideal kids and families represent the types of people
that kids watching the ad wouldlike themselves
or their families to be. Family Fun A product is shown as something that brings families together, or helps them have fun together; all it takes is for Mom or Dad to bring home the "right" product, and a boring dinner turns into a family party. Excitement Who could ever have imagined that food could be so much fun? One bite of a snack food and you're surfing in California, or soaring on your skateboard! Star Power Your favorite sports star or celebrity
is telling you that their product is the best!
Kids listen, not realizing that the star is being
paid to promote the product.
Bandwagon Join the crowd! Don't be left out!
Everyone is buying the latest
product: aren't you? Scale This is when advertisers make a
product look bigger or smaller
than it actually is. Put Downs This is when you put down your competition's product to make your own product seem better. Expert Opinion Experts approve this prodcut, so you should use it. "4 out of 5 dentists recommened sugarless gum for their patients." Repetition Advertisers hope that if you see a product,
or hear its name over and over again, you
will be more likely to buy it.Sometimes the
same commercial will be repeated over and
over again. Cartoon Characters Tony the Tiger sells cereal and the
Nestlés Quick Bunny sells chocolate milk.
Cartoons like these make kids identify
with products. Emotional Appeal . Humor Advertisers use humor/comedy to make the viewer remember the product.
Now let's practice!! Watch the following clips or look at the
pictures and see if you can identify
which persuasive technique(s)
the marketers are using! Questions? What is persuasion? It is way to convince people to do
something, buy a certain product,
or to agree with your point of view. A person is made to have strong feelings about
a product or situation.
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