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TGI Fridays

No description

Management Foundations

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of TGI Fridays

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The first Friday’s was established in Manhattan’s Upper East Side in 1965.
Alan Stillman
Aimed to provide a place for young adults go out to meet friends and make new ones in an environment that was both relaxed and yet exciting.
Change Sponsors
Alan Stillman set the vision of TGI Fridays when he first opened in 1965
The current US President and Chief Operating Officer, Ricky Richardson, continues upholding Fridays vision
Change Agents
Managers of individual TGI Fridays restaurants convey the vision to the servers
IT Department monitors mobile app
Change Targets
Servers are able to promote “Give Me More Stripes”, the mobile app, connect with the customer, and make them connect with the ambiance.

Where it all Began
Around for 49 years
Tradition with a Modern Flare
New technology (mobile app)
Use of benefits program (stripes)
Proper management training
Ambition 2015
"Here its always Friday"

Roles in the Change Process
Market Changes
A majority of TGI Fridays revenue now comes from outside the United States
In 2013 Asia accounted for 60% of revenue with Latin America following second.
Technological Changes & Reengineering:
On April 27, 2012 Fridays launched a new app for Android and iPhone
The app allows customers to browse the menu, start a tab and pay directly from their phone, find restaurants near them, share updates and happy hour specials on their Facebook and Twitter
Automatically syncs with Fridays MICROS system
The main website was also redesigned in order create a more user friendly experience for mobile devices
“Give Me More Stripes” members to easily scan their receipt and receive immediate credit for their visit
Continuous Improvement:
TGI Fridays strives to constantly improve rather than change their vision
The goal is to create an atmosphere that is relaxed yet exciting making you feel as though it’s always Fridays
Forces of Change
Recognize the Need for Change: Any restaurant in the industry must constantly improve itself and its processes or it will fall behind the competition. A SWOT analysis of TGI Friday in Denton produced the following results:
Logo: the red and white stripes
Its brand, “Welcome to the new face of an old friend - an iconic American neighborhood gathering spot refreshed, reengaged, and reenergized - TGI Fridays. We're reinvigorated and focused on the basics that create a genuinely different – and altogether better – option than our rivals”
It is perceived as a fun place with good food, drinks, and music.
Service recovery processes need improvement
Interstate 35-E construction project will bring lots of long-term guests for the restaurant
High employee turnover causes service breakdowns and lack of experienced staff
Vision Statement:
Alan Stillman's vision of "In here, it's always Friday"
Worked for so many years
Assessment of the Current Status:
We used the gap analysis method to help determine the current status of the property. Based on our conversations with management, we assume they are hiring and training a new server approximately every two months. This is a baseline measurement, from which the property will later gauge the success of its efforts to increase employee retention rates.
Developing a Plan for Change:
T.G.I Fridays has developed new ways to keep customers coming back for more. This includes training the staff, changing the menu and creating ways to get the customer involved in the dining experience. New technological updates such as the mobile app have allowed Friday’s to do so.

Planning for Change
Business Analysis
Implementing the Change
Monitoring the Change
Reevaluating the Vision:
Moving in the right direction with technology, uniqueness, and convenience
Employees will know what the vision is because it will continually be communicated with them throughout the process.
The change process is above average compared to competitors and shows that TGI Fridays is keeping up with current technological advances.
Assessing the Plan for Change:
Making sure all employees were properly prepared and trained for the change.
Were the targeted customers in sync with the technology involved with the change process.
Evaluate the Direction of Change:
Achieved by speaking directly to employees and asking for their input.
Also, guest feedback will be a way to gauge effectiveness of the change efforts.
Table top surveys will be provided for each guest and staff members will encourage this action.
Communicating the Vision
Making sure all staff not only knows what the vision or goal of the change is, but understands it as well
Foster Change Through Power
Managers are responsible for questions and attending those employees who are struggling with implementation
Measure Progress
Keeping track of stats and employee/guest evaluations of change
Celebrate Success
Reward those who are getting the change down and encouraging those who are still behind

Integrity — Employing the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty, respect and open communication
Innovation — Approaching new challenges with diversity of thought, creativity, resourcefulness and agility, and reacting quickly and effectively to provide innovative solutions
Guest Focus — Dedicating ourselves to delivering experiences that delight our Guests
Empowerment — Encouraging Team Members to take initiative and do what is right
Accountability — Delivering on our performance commitments and taking responsibility for our actions and our own situation
Responsibility — Ensuring that our actions deliver returns for our stakeholders while ensuring benefit to our Team Members, Guests, owners, business partners and suppliers, as well as the environment and the communities we serve

Giving Back
Team Members
World Bartender Championship
Job/Health Benefits
Have a Heart Fund/Changer Program
Year-round fundraisers/activities
Sponsor of Feeding America
Donate to food banks through Performance Food Group
Developed sustainability program
UN Global Compact

Mission Statement: TGI Friday's Promise

Mission statement has been the same over the years:
"In here, it's always Friday"

We are an iconic brand known for delivering authentic, personal experiences. Guests expect us to deliver fresh, tasteful food and handcrafted drinks in an engaging atmosphere, with nothing short of “ring the bell” service by a team of friendly professionals who make genuine connections with our Guests.
Fridays owns over 900 restaurants
It operates in 44 states and 60 countries worldwide.
Asia is a big market for the company
18 locations are in Dallas-Fort Worth.
TGI Friday's employs around 80,000 people.
The chain has annual sales exceeding $2.5 billion.
The chain could be valued at more than $1 billion.
Private corporation.
Owned by the Carlson.
Carlson is family owned, global hospitality and travel company.

Employment programs
Business Goals

We are the “turning work into play.”
The dare to be different.
And the laughter that’s just the right kind of loud.
The experiences prepared just for sharing.
The stories among friends.
And the reason to celebrate the smallest of wins.
A commitment to letting Monday in on our big secret.
A chance to go “BIG.”
And the opportunity to shine.
And we are pure potential.
As a Fridays Team Member, I do hereby dedicate myself to delivering on a shared promise of fun, friendship, respect, caring, memories, opportunity, dedication, sharing and passion. I vow to show my love of Fridays by treating each and every day as 24 hours of pure potential for my Guests, for my Team Members and for myself. Because together, WE ARE FRIDAYS.

Whatever you do, do with Integrity.
Wherever you go, go as a Leader.
Whomever you serve, serve with Caring.
Whenever you dream, dream with your All.
And never, ever give up.

Continuous Improvement
High Stats
Survey's for guests to fill out about their servers
Bar Revenue
10% total sales comes from liquor, beer & wine sales
World Bartender Championship
Mobile App
Functionality and popularity of the app and "earning your stripes"
The first Friday’s was a huge success, young people spilled outside the restaurant, and Friday’s became known as the first “cocktail party on the streets.”
A Chalkboard menu was used in the original Friday’s, still used today for traditional purposes.
Accredited with the invention of the Long Island Ice Tea ($6 come get one!)
Friday’s takes a lot pride in the bar, it is usually separate from the dining area to create a smaller, more close-knit environment in the bar area.
Friday’s is all about personal experiences, and becoming friends with everyone in the restaurant.

Friday's Environment
Friday’s popularity spread rapidly into the country through the 1970’s, as more and more Friday’s restaurants were opening.
Adopted by Carlson in 1975 with 12 restaurants in 9 states.
Carlson helped fund greatness and brought more resources to the restaurant itself by providing more menu items, opening new stores, and advertising and marketing the restaurant.

Friday's Today
Recognized as one of America’s greatest brands.
300 restaurants internationally.
Carlson corporate office located in Addison.
Still holding on to traditional values such as the bar area, chalk boards, and red and white stripes.

Friday's Lewisville
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