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Africa Grapes Chart

No description

Josh Tajiri

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Africa Grapes Chart

Africa Grapes Chart
In the northern part of Africa there is a giant desert called the Sahara. It is the largest desert in the world, and it made trade with northern africa and europe hard. Below that is a region called the sahel. The Sahel is a fertile region and farmers can prouduce crops and raise animals there. Farther south, there is the
Almorvids took over Ghana's capital and converted everyone to islam. When Ghana fell and Mali rose, Mali converted to islam with out having to be conquered or attacked. Askia Muhammad started holy wars to convert people to islam. He promoted islamic learning, and Timbuktu became a center for islamic related things.
In all of the West African empires, Ghana, Mali, and Songhai, succeeded in expanding their empire. The muslim empires were able to spread their religion. Griots recorded the history of Africa oraly, and African drummers played polyrythms on their drums.
After Ghana fell, an evil king named Sumanguru took over its remains and later, when Sundita defeated him, the empire of Mali began. Mansa Musa was Mali's most famous emperor. He took a hajj to Mecca and, on his journey, he spent so much gold that the economy in egypt was greatly affected. This was because he
Africa has an abundent supply of natural resources. Gold was the most important, and in order to keep up the price of gold, the king of Ghana limited the gold. Also, salt, diamonds, iron, and copper were found in Africa.
African Savannah. The Savannah is a large grassland with the occasional tree. This area has dry and wet seasons. The rainforest is located below this area. It is home to a large number of plants and animals. It is hot and wet, year around. The Niger River is the main river in western Africa. It is a reliable source of
water, so many civilizations are built along its shores. An inland delta provides an area to fish and farm. The river also gives the people of west Africa a way of transportation and a way to trade goods. Africa is pretty much a gigantic plateau
Even though islam had big influences in West African culture and their beliefs, some natives still practiced ancient beliefs.
In West Africa's caste system, the Emperor had the most power and was the highest ranking person in their society. Below them were the nobles who helped the emperor govern the country and lead the armies. Traders and free people were below the nobles, who ran businesses and farms. Skilled workers were the second to
SOCIAL cont.
lowest class. They specialized in certain jobs. Enslaved people were the lowest class, but they still had some basic rights. They could marry, not be treated harshly, and families couldnt be sepparated.
left so much gold, that gold became worth less.
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