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Minecraft: Redstone Handbook

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Transcript of Minecraft: Redstone Handbook

What is
What is redstone?
Redstone is basically the electricty of Minecraft. The picture above shows redstone dust. It is collected when you destroy redstone ore, which is shown in the picture below.
Creations with redstone
You can make things out of redstone. Above
is a complicated redstone machine. Below is
a simple arrow launcher. You can place
redstone dust on the ground and send it an
electrical charge with a lever, button, pressure
plate, or redstone torches.
Arrow launchers
Arrow launchers are simple. They
include a dispenser, a few blocks, and a
lever. The redstone is charged and gives off it's charge to the dispenser, witch dispenses arrows.
Minecraft: Redstone Handbook
By: Noch and Jeb

Minecraft is game where you can build and create a lot of things. It is an open world game. In open world games, you can go anywhere. There are 2 modes in Minecraft,
and those are creative and survival. In creative, you have all and unlimited resources. In survival, you start with no resources. You have to make and collect the resources.
Redstone torches are
made from redstone
and a wooden stick. One is shown below.
Pistons are things that have wood attached to a piece of cobblestone. When activated with redstone, the wood pops out and moves a block. What is shown in the picture is a sticky piston. It pushes blocks, but when not activated, it takes the block back with the wood.
The purpose of the book is to inform you about redstone. From mining and circuts, to advanced mechanics, this book gives me lots of info on redstone. This book is full of traps and arrow launchers too.If you are a fan of Minecraft, i suggest this book for you.
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