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Modern Fantasy

No description

Samantha Rossi

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Modern Fantasy

By: Reva Coxwell, Cassandra Johnson, Samantha Rossi, and Dana Williams Modern Fantasy Science Fiction:
The Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins Horror:
Juniper Berry by
M.P. Kozlowsky Best Fantasy Book. (n.d.) Dark Fantasy. Retrieved
from http://bestfantasybooks.com/dark-fantasy.html
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Vocabulary. Retrieved from http://www.edutopia.org/blog/vocabulary-instruction-teaching-tips-rebecca-alber
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literature(6th ed.). Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon.
Taskstream. (2013). Standards. Retrieved from https://
www.taskstream.com/Main/main_frame.asp Conclusion Animal Fantasy:
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
by C.S. Lewis Book Activities Genre Characteristics Book Summary Vocabulary RDG 350 Kimberly Mason April 1, 2013 Fractured Fairytale:
Revolting Rhymes
by Roald Dahl Book Activities Genre Characteristics Book Summary Vocabulary Book Activities Genre Characteristics Book Summary Book Activities Genre Characteristics Book Summary Vocabulary Introduction Unit Overview Unit Objectives: Grade 7 Reading Writing Reading Process: Vocabulary
Identify the meanings, pronunciations, syllabication, synonyms, antonyms, and parts of speech of words, by using a variety of reference aids, including dictionaries, thesauri, glossaries, and CD-ROM and the Internet when available (TaskStream, 2013). Writing Applications (TaskStream, 2013)
Literary Response This unit includes four different books with individual activities for each book.
Throughout the year, the students will switch groups and eventually complete all the activities and read all four books.
Each book will take about 3 weeks to complete and will include a writing and vocabulary activity Write a persuasive letter to President Snow to end The Hunger Games. Students should include logical, ethical and emotional appeals in their letter. The paper should be at least 500 words and use examples from the book. Writing Lesson Objectives establishes and develops a controlling idea
supports arguments with detailed evidence
includes persuasive techniques
excludes irrelevant information
(TaskStream, 2013) Persuasive Writing Vocabulary Create a crossword puzzle using 20 vocabulary words from the book. After puzzles are checked for accuracy, you will trade and complete the crossword puzzle as an assessment grade. Vocabulary uses dictionary or context clues to define words
correctly makes and solves cross word puzzle Animals have human characteristics
wear clothes
Characters have magical powers.
(Hubpages Inc. 2013) Four siblings are sent to live in the country. The youngest sibling stumbles upon a wardrobe that leads to a land called Narnia. When she gets back home, she tells her siblings about Narnia and they do not believe her. Her brother Edmund later ends up in Narnia, but meets the White Witch upon his arrival, and she talks him into bringing his siblings to her. However, when all the siblings end up in Narnia, Lucy looks for the friend she met when she first arrived and he had been captured. Her siblings go to help her find him. They have to get the help from a lion named Aslan who has been forbidden from the land though. Edmund however tells the White Witch about meeting up with Aslan and she sets out to find him. The witch and Aslan come to an agreement, which is for him to be killed to keep the children safe. The next morning after Aslan has been killed, he raises from the dead and helps the children defeat the White Witch. They strip her of her powers and they become the rulers of Narnia. After reading the book, Write an expressive narrative story in which you create your own magical land. Name your land and create your own characters while building the plot around these characters The story should be 500-750 words and typed Writing has scientific connections and plausibility
could take place in a future world
could include topics such as
mind telepathy
alternative ways to communicate
genetic engineering
outer space visitors
(Mitchell, 2003) The Hunger Games is a book narrated by a 16 year old Katniss Everdeen. She lives in a world where there are 12 districts of people which are like states. The central government and higher classed people live in the Capitol, which rules the districts. Every year, the Capitol holds the hunger games and each district sends one boy and one girl to compete. These 24 children fight to the death and then the victor is made famous by the Capitol. The point of the hunger games is to make sure the districts know who is in charge and what the Capitol is capable of. The to tributes from District 12, Katniss and Peeta are taken to the Capitol where they experience luxury for the first time. They are primped and fed well to get ready to present themselves to the Capitol people. The tributes want these people to like them so when they are in the games they will send them gifts to help them survive. The arena for the game can be any environment imaginable. The arena and all that is inside is all digitally created and put there. The tributes are kept track of and sometimes obstacles are put in their way to make their journey tough. The Capitol also creates animals that are dangerous and plants that can kill. The Capitol announces that there can be two victors if they are from the same district. Katniss an Peeta now work together. Peeta and Katniss defeat all the tributes and are ready to be crowned tributes when it is announced that the previous announcement has been revoked and there can only be one tribute. This upsets the two of them and they come up with a plan so they will both be killed and the Capitol will have no victor. This scares the Capitol and they are announced as the victors. Without realizing, Katniss and Peeta made the President very angry and he is one to seek revenge. Writing Writing “Traditional tales with a contemporary twist” (Lynch-Brown & Tomlinson, p. 136)
“Told from a new perspective” (Lynch-Brown & Tomlinson, p. 136)
In a distant land or time
Usually involves royalty
Magical moments/help
Journey or test
“Good triumphs over evil” (Kinsella, n.d.)
'Happily ever after’ ending Select one of the fractured fairy tales from Roald Dahl’s collection in the book. Consider his version in comparison to other versions of the same fairy tale (traditional or fractured). Decide which version you prefer and write a persuasive arguing for your preferred choice. Paper should be 500-750 words and reference the reading material. Consider what makes your favored choice more believable or unbelievable than the other, what aspects caught your attention, and why one might be more entertaining than the other. Groups will discuss vocabulary words and determine which ones are known and which they are unfamiliar with. Sort words into known and unknown categories and write definitions for the known. Divide the unknown words among the group members. Look up the definition of each word individually and write the definition on an index card. On the reverse side write a made up definition for the same word. Place all index cards in a basket and group members take turn selecting a card. Person then tries to decide which definition is correct (must be an unfamiliar card). This continues until there are no cards remaining. Revolting Rhymes is Roald Dahl’s expression of the “real” version of six of the most well-known fairy tales. His interpretation of Cinderella begins much the same as the traditional, but in the end the prince turns out to be very uncouth and starts chopping off the heads of unwanted brides. Cinderella reconsiders her desire for him because of his very poor behavior.In Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack learns the importance of being clean at the expense of his mother’s life. Snow White’s role in the lives of the Seven Dwarfs turns out to be more as the supporter of addictive behavior as she helps them effectively bet on race horses and win big. Dahl portrays Goldilocks as quite a delinquent, who destroys the bears’ home and in the end becomes the meal she took from Baby Bear!The last stories, Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs results in the end of two wolves, all three of the little pigs, and a wolf cloaked Riding Hood heads home carrying a pig skin case. Lesson Objectives Vocabulary Persuasive Writing uses dictionary or context clues to define words
is able to eliminate incorrect definitions Persuasive writing is used for the purpose of influencing the reader. The author presents an issue and expresses an opinion in order to convince an audience to agree with the opinion or to take a particular action. Write a persuasive text that...
establishes and develops a controlling idea
supports arguments with detailed evidence
includes persuasive techniques
(TaskStream, 2013) Horror also known as Dark Fantasy
Level of Magic - Fantasy
Level of Characterization – Battle of self, temptation, lure
Level of Plot Complexity – Thrills, chills, intrigue, morals and values
Level of Violence – Terror, gore, mystery, suspense Juniper Berry is the story of the eleven year old Juniper Berry and her neglectful parents. Juniper had a wonderful relationship with her parents until the greed to be successful as acting parents allowed fame to become their priority. Mr. and Mrs. Berry transformed into two unrecognizable people that never looked at or paid any attention to their daughter. While Juniper reminisced on family vacations and cooking with her family, she would give anything to have her parents return to their old selves again. Juniper was home schooled by a tutor and she was not allowed to leave the grounds of the large gated mansion. She craved to play with other children. Games like hide and seek and racing were only an idea that she replaced by playing “Here Kitty, Kitty” with her dog whose name was Kitty. She also was not allowed to speak to the household staff, which really made her feel alone. Being eleven and living in a large mansion that had paparazzi camped outside the gates, she never thought she would have to make her own dinner, and eat it alone. Her life changed when she wandered into the woods with her dog on a rainy day and she met a boy named Giles. He also suffered from the same loneliness patterns as Juniper. The only thing that was different for him was that his father composed operas, his mother would sing and he attended a traditional school. His parents’ success also was a priority and they neglected Giles. Giles ventured into the rain to see if he could retrace the steps of his parents when they vanished the day before while standing near a tree in the woods. Juniper and Giles discovered an underground world that their parents frequently visited. Their parents met with someone that would grant them all of their dreams, and in return they would leave a piece of their soul. Drained and disgusted with their lives, the parents needed to return to the hidden world for another boost of strength to be successful. As Juniper and Giles realize that this is what was transforming their parents, they decide to destroy the underground world and recoup their parents’ souls that were being harvested inside of specially made balloons. As the front cover of the book states, “A Tale of Terror and Temptation,” this book allows the reader to analysis how the need for more and more money can destroy a family. On the outside, The Berry Family was living the life that everyone would only dream of having. Inside, Mr. and Mrs. Berry would cry and be depressed all day. They felt as though they needed to outdo their previous performance to stay on top, while not focusing on their relationship as a family. This was the first book written by a high school English teacher. In this Modern Fairy Tale, the author allows dreams to be made through horror and fantasy. Discuss in groups the choice of success over family. Does this really reap benefits? Then write an literary response essay, 500-750 words, in response in the following statement:
In comparison to the main character, Juniper Berry, analyze the foundation of family and how that effects your education, social interaction and growth. In small groups, discuss the ten vocabulary words, their meanings and examples from the story.
Vocabulary words: banshee, famous, home schooling, periscope, mansion, sacrifice, self-reflection,
soul, success, traditional schools You will be given a list of vocabulary words throughout the reading of the book. Define and incorporate these words in your own story. Expressive Writing Vocabulary Students will write a personal narrative story
Events in the student's story can be real or imaginative.
The setting in their story is be completely stated
(Taskstream, 2013) Descriptive words are used throughout the story (Taskstream, 2013).
Vocabulary words from the book are included in the story. Students learn about four of Modern Fantasy's sub-genres; Animal Fantasy, Fractured Fairytale, Science Fiction, and Horror.
The writing activities that go with each book will allow students to learn about different writing methods; Reflective, Persuasive, and Literary Response.
Each vocabulary activity will add to the students' knowledge to grow and they will be able to connect words to their reading.
The entire reading/writing unit will take 12 weeks out of the year. Literary response is the writer’s reaction to a literary selection. The response includes the writer’s interpretation, analysis, opinion, and/or feelings about the piece of literature and selected elements within it. Write a response to literature that...
presents several clear ideas
supports inferences and conclusions with examples from the text, personal experience, references to other works, or reference to non-print media
relates own ideas to supporting details in a clear and logical manner
(TaskStream, 2013) Literary Response Writing Vocabulary Students will analyze words and how they
relate to various situations in the storyline. References Lesson Objectives Lesson Objectives (Best Fanatasy Book n.d.)
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