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LEAN in your meeting

What ingredients must be present in your meetings, following the LEAN methodology? By ir. Hein Winkelaar M.SC. (c) pstamp.com


on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of LEAN in your meeting

LEAN in your meeting
General goal of LEAN:
“Continuously improve all operational conditions within a production system;
by stimulating the daily awareness
of all employees.”

Step 1
Know what to look for
How are we doing? What did happen?
What are the causes?

All major KPI's, metrics and data will be visible for all attendees.

Focus on: Last, This &
© 2012 - ir. Hein M. Winkelaar - www.pstamp.com
Step 2:
Eliminate Big Losses
What are the biggest issues? How can we prevent these? How can we eliminate the causes?

Only major deviations, incidents are discussed. Briefly discuss deviations and then focus on improvement

Step 3:
Involve Everybody

Are all stakeholders involved to share their idea's, knowledge and solutiuons?

Share examples of sustained improvement within the organization.

Step 4:
Assist each other

How can we assist each other in a practical way?

Who uses, needs and/or knows information regarding some of the issues we face/solved?

And/or schedule other meeting with specific experts, discussing specific subject?

Step 5:
Look ahead

When all steps are in place; you can continuously improve your operation

What are the challenges for next period?
How can we prevent deviations, incidents,
etc …for the coming period?

What is needed from the team, before
we face difficulties in step 1?

For all your meetings: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly.
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