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Oligarchy Government

Mrs.Yates 4th period By:Helen, Kirby, Emily

Kirby Rucker

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Oligarchy Government

By: Helen,Kirby,Emily Oligarchy Government The ones that hold all power are a small portion of the populace ruling class. Is there a peaceful way to replace the leaders? No, there's not a peaceful way to replace the leaders people will revolt against unacceptable government policies. How does oligarchy affect each country economy system? A government in which a small group exercises especially for corrupt and selfish purposes so it fits the definition of communist. Name some countries that have oligarchy government. 1. Kazakhstan
3. Pakistan
7.North Korea FACTS!!!!!!! .Support by the miltary citizens can not vote they are ruled by rich people.

.It started in 605 in greece

.Woman and slaves can't vote What characteristics do a oligarchy have? Who has authority in the county? Small groups of people distinguished by royalty, wealth, military control, family ties, and education How are the leaders chosen? Elite families inherit power and top most administrative position from senior rulers. Do the leaders have to follow the same rules as everyone else? Yes, the leaders have to follow the same rules as everyone else because if the leaders don't have to do things that citizens have to then the citizens are probably going to start getting mad and move to a different town. What are some advantages??? 1. people deal with issues and vote on them to the degree of which it affects them. 2. people have control of there own life What are some disadvantages??? 1. May be hard to come to consensus
2. It will take time and some process Reasons why oligarchy is the best government . people have control of there own life

. people deal with issues and vote on them to the degree of which it affects them.

.Oligarchy is a government by the rich for the rich.

.Oligarchies may also become instruments of transformation, insisting that monarchs or dictators share power, thereby opening the door to power-sharing by other elements of society Mrs. Yates
4th period THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!! 4. Response thoughly explains response uses specific and releant information from the article as support. 3. Response generally explains response lacks some specificity or relevance. 2. Response partially explains Response uses weak imformation from the story and may contain some misunderstandings. 1.response attempts an explanation. and shows minimal understanding of the story. 0. Response is totally incorrect or irrelevant Open Response Scoring Rubic
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