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Trina Bozeman

on 24 September 2018

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Transcript of Apex




APEX Vision
Children, young adults, and families will have improved quality of life and a productive future as a result of programs that reduce the unmet mental health need and increase academic performance.

Georgia APEX Initiative Overview
Funded by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, Office of Children, Young Adults and Families

School-Based Mental Health Services

Ongoing since 2015

4 Counties and 20 Schools

Three objectives of APEX:

Provide for early detection of child and
adolescent mental health needs

APEX Schools:
Worth County Elementary (Year 4)
Early County Alternative (Year 4)
Lee County Elementary (Year 4)
Early County Elementary (Year 3)
Lee County Middle East (Year 3)
Robert H Harvey Elementary (Year 3)
Worth County Primary (Year 3)
Worth County High (Year 2)
Lee County Primary (Year 2)
Early County Middle (Year 2)
Radium Springs Elementary (Year 2)
Radium Springs Middle (Year 2)

How It Works:
All referrals are made to Aspire through school counselor(s)
Only verbal consent from parent needed
Referral will be submitted electronically to youthreferrals@albanycsb.org
Aspire will schedule the Initial assessment with the family
ROI/Consent for school based services obtained by Aspire at initial assessment
Ongoing mental health services provided on school campus at least 2 days a week during non-academic times (ALL insurances and NO insurance accepted)
Collaboration with school staff/attendance at school meetings

How will your school benefit?
Immediate access to mental health services
Crisis intervention
Consultations for IEP/504 plans
Resources: trainings, classroom interventions, therapeutic tools, parent support groups, school events, etc
7 Mindsets, RTI, PBIS assistance
Improve CCRPI scores and Climate Star Rating
Provide greater access to mental health services for children and youth
Three objectives of APEX:
Objective 2

Sustain increased coordination between Georgia’s community mental health providers and the local schools and school districts in which they reside
Three objectives of APEX:
Objective 3
Objective 1
Services Provided
Behavioral Health Assessment
Individual Therapy
Clinician utilizes evidence based therapies to address individual needs
Family Therapy
Clinician engages family and youth together
Group Therapy
Clinician led groups to teach skills and provide group support from common issues
Community Support Individual (CSI)
Behavioral support and instruction for youth and family
Crisis Intervention
School Consultations
Benefits for APEX Commitment
APEX Offices
Year 1:
Individualize APEX office, policies, and procedures to fit your school
Collaborate for beginning and/or end of school celebrations
Provide Suicide Prevention and/or Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainings
Provide school wide behavior and/or character education curriculum
Provide individualized classroom tools and interventions for teachers
Provide general mental health resources for library and counselor
Participation in the Hope Project Mental Health Alliance
Year 2:
Continued benefits from Year 1
Facilitate and cater regular lunch and learns for teachers
Begin small group therapy (ability to co-facilitate with counselors)
Facilitate regular meetings to minimize communication gaps between school faculty and Aspire staff
Join PBIS team or other steering committees for your school
Year 3:
Continued benefits from Year 1 and Year 2
Facilitate regular workshops/groups/events for ALL parents
*Aspire also continues to provide therapeutic services for all schools in 8 counties (and growing) not covered by APEX grant
Nicole Patten, LMSW
Apex Program Coordinator
2500 Dawson Rd. Albany, GA 31707
NEW APEX Schools:
Early County High
Worth County High
Twin Oaks Elementary
Kinchafoonee Primary
Live Oak Elementary
Lake Park Elementary
Robert Cross Middle Magnet
Cooper Carver Elementary
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