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on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of 40 IDEAS

Always ask: why should someone care?
40 IDEAS in
take home 40 great ideas to become more efficient and engaging
Search for # you care about.
Sign up for Google Alerts
Use social media to communicate finances.
Use Doodle.com to schedule things.
Schedule social media posts for the evenings and weekends.
Never say you are too busy.
Use SignUpGenius.com to coordinate meetings.
Communicate like a person, not a robot.
Try AirBnB on your next trip (and don't forget hotel/motel tax)
Use Twitter.
Don't be afraid to ask for social media help.
Use a listcicle.
Code for America
Make your successes about those who helped you.
Start each day with the ELGL Morning Buzz.
Volunteer with a government agency.
Post all financial documents online.
Think about your retirement party.
Use Prezi instead of PowerPoint.
Dress for the job you want.
Give people a chance to rise to your expectations.
Emily Badger, Washington Post
Create a work event each month.
Do something different every day.
Connect with other governments.
Write a thank you note each week.
Give interns projects to complete.
Richard Florida, the Atlantic
Create your circle of trust.
Ask interns what they want to get out of their experience.
The Everything Store by Brad Stone
Create one deliverable every day.
Host an event.
Consider Starting a chapter.
Write an article for ELGL.org.
Join an Advisory Board
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