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Lansdale Catholic International Program

No description

LC International Office

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of Lansdale Catholic International Program

International Students
a Global Community
to Lansdale Catholic
to Pennsylvania
toward the future...
Our goals
are your goals
away from home
the unique needs of every student
Lansdale Catholic offers:

a full-time International Student Advisor - the only school in the Philadelphia area with this position

one on one academic support

I-20 and visa assistance

a two-day International Student Orientation
Lansdale Catholic
High School International Program

Lansdale Catholic High School is:


Committed to tradition

a "Family" Community
Lansdale Catholic High School:

an important member of the Lansdale community since 1949

a short train ride to the historic capital of the United States, Philadelphia

part of the oldest Catholic school system in the country
Newly completed science labs

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) focus

Dedicated SAT prep programs

Partnerships with local universities

AP and Online courses

Faculty with advanced degrees
Our international students are:

Future global leaders

Successful students

Valued members of the Lansdale Catholic family
Join us at Lansdale Catholic this fall!
A newly updated International Student Center and an "International Foundations" course.

International Students can:

receive tutoring and assistance

discuss cultural similarities and differences

practice English conversation skills

learn about US culture and tradition
Determining your Future
Success and Commitment
the past
building on a rich heritage

maintaining traditions

learning from experience
We want our international students to:

excel academically

participate in sports

master English language skills

work with American students
Our international students:
earn the highest academic honors
join prestigious honor societies
attend top tier US universities
receive scholarships for academic achievement
pursue careers in science, healthcare, finance, education, and the arts
to Lansdale
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