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October Sky

No description

maggie paul

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of October Sky

"I went into the living room for a rare treat, to watch the Today Show all the way through" (pg. 229).
Point of View/ Bias
October Sky is written in first person from Sonny's point of view
October Sky
Every Journey is a Quest
A. Homer Hickam Jr.
C. To become a rocket scientist
D. Creating the perfect rocket
E. To escape the fate of Coalwood
The author uses dialogue to advance the plot.
There is too much dialogue used for him to remember everything said.
Homer Hickam "Sonny" resides in Coalwood, West Virginia with a fate of coal mining, until Sputnik 1 is launched by the Soviet Union. Fascinated by a satellite orbiting Earth, Homer makes it his goal to launch a rocket of his own. With a group of his friends he slowly earns the respect of his town by launching his own rockets.
Personal Thoughts
Current events in the world
Literary elements such as imagery

"From the window of my bedroom, I could see the black steel tower... and the comings and goings of the men who worked at the mine...when I raised my blanket in the morning,I saw a black, sparkling powder float off it. My socks were always black with coal dirt when I took my shoes off at night." (page 2).
This quote shows...
-Coalwood's influence on his life day and night

- His fate

The use of I, me, us, my, and our are words used in October Sky to display first person point of view.

By working hard to achieve your dream, you can accomplish your goals.
".....rockets that once leapt into the air, propelled not by physics but by the vibrant love of an honorable people, and the instruction of a dear teacher, and the dreams of boys" (428).
"She looked at us one by one. 'I'm getting tired of saying this: Don't blow yourself up!'"(page 188).
"She grinned with delight. 'Sonny, why don't you have manners like Quentin?'
' My upbringing?' I asked.
'A smart mouth could get a boy in trouble,' she warned. 'You've really got the basement in a mess. You want to clean it up down there?'" (page 119).
Sputnik I: October 4, 1957
"My career with NASA was everything I had hoped and dreamed it would be" (Hickam 423).
Going from a nobody to a rocket expert and getting out of Coalwood: purpose was to show he did (and was able to do) this.
More Quotes
Mom is telling Sonny:

"'Sonny,'" she sighed, "'you're a sweet kid. I love you. But, doggone it, you've just been drifting along like you were on a cloud your whole life, making up games and leading Roy Lee and Sherman and O'Dell off on all your wild schemes. I'm thinking maybe it's past time you straightened up a bit'" (page 49).
Hickam wrote this to show he was able to achieve big things in a small town - while there was a father-son conflict.
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"...I remembered reading how Wernher von Braun had built rockets when he was a youngster. An inspiration came to me. At the supper table that night, I put down my fork and announced that I was going to build a rocket" (page 41).
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