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Android Seminar

No description

Hardik Patel

on 8 June 2014

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Transcript of Android Seminar


Presented By:

Dipal Padhya
A hand held operating system that controls a mobile device.
What is Mobile OS?
Screen Resolution
Processing Power
Running Continuously
Working With Different Network
Mobile OS Vs. Computer OS

MVC Model
Component Of Android
Broadcast Receiver
Content Provider
A software platform and operation system for mobile devices
Based on Linux kernal 2.6
Developed by Google and the OHA
Allows writing managed code in the java language
Uses Linux for device Drivers ,Memory
& Processing management and Networking
Native Libraries are written in c/c++
Android installation
History of Android
Android Inc. was founded
in October, 2003
at California
by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner & Chris White
Google took over
in August, 2005
beta SDK was released on 12 Nov, 2007
Install JDK
Download Eclips from
Unpack downloaded at preferred path
Start Eclips
Click on Help
Click on Install New Software

& install SDK from
After installation of SDK...
Add Platforms and Packages
Click on Add
Insert name & location
Click on Ok
Select all options
Click on Next
When installation completes, restart eclipse
Why Android ?
Android is open.
Android is free.
Community support.
Tool support.
Dalvik Virtual Machine(DVM)
Multiple language support
Integrated browser
SQLite database
Media support
GSM/CDMA Telephony(H/W dependent)
Bluetooth,EDGE,4G and WiFi(H/W dependent)
Camera,GPS and Accelerometer
Rich development environment
powerful development framework
Features of Android
Service Life Cycle
Activity Lifecycle
Android Runtime
ADT: Android Development Tool, an Eclipe plugin
Two debuggers
adb: Adroid Debug Bridge
ddms: Dalvik Debug Monitor Server
aapk: Android Application Package Tool
All resources are bundeled in to an archive, called apk file.
dex: Java byte code to dalvik executable translator
Activity Stack
All the views in a window are arranged in a tree
You show the tree by calling setContentView(rootNode) in the activity
View Hierarchy
What is a Layout ?
Your layout is the architecture for the user interface in an Activity.
It defines the layout structure & holds all the elements that appear to the user.
Parent view group defines layout parameters for each child view (including the child view group)
Layout Hierarchy
Linear Layout
Layout Types
All layout types are subclass of ViewGroup class
Layout types

Linear Layout
Linear Layout
Thank You...
OHA Group
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