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The Mystery in Gray Bay

No description

Jordan Zercher

on 24 May 2014

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Transcript of The Mystery in Gray Bay

The Mystery in Gray Bay
Avery Wun
My Verdict
What's the Big Deal?
For 5 years, the Gray Bay area has been struggling with dead, smelly fish, washing on the shores of Synchrony City. Now, with the help of young 'detective', Juan Tuno, we may have cracked this ongoing mystery. There are many possibilities that Juan Tuno and other scientists have mulled over. Phosphates. Chlorine. Sediment. Oil. Acid Rain. Insufficient amount of wildlife or water life. Nine suspects in total have been questioned. And it’s easy to say that one person is not the only culprit, rather, many are at fault.
Don Juan Tunó
Fish were killed by other means, besides oil.
Avery Wun drives everyday from Gray’s Land Town to Synchrony City for work.
Synchrony City has increased the amount of freeways and has increased growth in the last 10 years, meaning more people are driving to work.
Car oil was found in Gray Bay.

Tunó Enterprises opened the oil refinery, 18 years ago. If there was a problem with the oil company, it would have shown itself sooner.
The oil found in Gray Bay is not crude, it’s car oil.
No phosphates were found draining from the cattle ranch.
Young 'Detective' Juan Tunó
The Suspects
Owner of Tunó Enterprises
Niece: Juan Tunó
Owns: Cattle Ranch, Oil Refinery, and Logging Company
Ken Unballe
Owns: Water Slide
Ken Unballe
LaToya Factorie
Owns the Toy Factory
Logger for Tuno Enterprise's Logging Company
Anton Alogue
Elmo Skeeto
Mountain lions hunting was permitted 6 years ago after be illegal.
Elmo hunts Mountain lions in Parallel Park.
For food, Mountain Lions eat deer who aren’t strong enough to run away. If the Mountain Lions are being killed, the deer would be hunted less, by both Elmo and the Mountain Lions. The deer population would increase by a lot and would eat a lot of plants, making the sediment in the dirt unstable causing it to fall into the river. The boom in the deer population would cause more resources to be needed. However, there wouldn’t be enough resources to sustain the deer population and the most of the deer would die. This would cause a boom in resources, but a crash in deer population. If Mountain Lions weren’t being hunted, all three populations would stay constant and no sediment would be released into the water.

Puts back fish if they are too small.
Sediment was found in the Misstersippi, most likely caused by the logging company.
Sediment in the water causes the water temperature to be warmer and also, it takes up room where oxygen should be. When the water is warm, fish work harder and they need more oxygen to breathe.
So the fish need more oxygen but there is less oxygen. This is a ‘double-whammy’ for the fish.
Cattle Ranch doubled the amount of cattle 7 years ago. This could cause more phosphates on the ranch.
The chemist’s test proved that there was no chlorine in the Fo River

Juan Tuno’s biological test proved that something was killing the daphnia, (water fleas).
Upstream, the water was more than healthy, but downstream, it was extremely unhealthy.
Secret emails were sent between Ken and gungadin@slide. From the way the two talk, you can infer that gungadin@slide works for Ken. The emails stated that the test should only be taken on Tuesday night, this is so the water that is released has almost a whole week for it to drain out to the bay and for no chlorine to be left. The emails also included an idea about adding a lot of water fleas.
The Slide opened up the same time the fish began dying, 5 years ago.
Schedule also shows that they release water that has chlorine in it, into the water.
8 fish died from Chlorine.
Her Factory produces sulfuric acid, as does electrical utilities, but 88% of the acid found was nitric acid. Nitric Acid comes from cars, trucks and electrical utilities.
Three years ago, LaToya Factorie decreased her factory’s water pollutants by 11% and received an award.

Her company produces sulfuric acid and 12% of the acid found in acid rain, was sulfuric.
Her award for the decrease in water pollution is three years old. Also, the award is for water pollution, not air pollution.
LaToya refused to put ‘scrubbers’ in her smoke stacky thingys. Scrubbers are put in smoke stacks to remove the chemicals that causes acid rain.
LaToya only releases white smoke during the day but she releases blacker smoke at night. When asked, she said, “We only release the darker smoke at night, because that’s when our factory has been set up to do the work that makes it. It’s not a plot!”
Acid Rain fell everywhere but only in the Rafta River, it stayed. This is because in all of the other rivers, there is limestone in the ground, which neutralizes the acid. In the Rafta River, there is granite, which does not neutralize the acid and the river becomes too acidic for fish to live.
When he cuts tree’s down he replants trees.
He stopped clear-cutting as much 12 years ago so he has some areas where he selectively-cuts.
He clear-cut a whole area and he wants to clear-cut the selectively-cut area.
If more clear-cutting is permitted, the sediment problem would increase.
When trees are cut down, the roots stop holding the soil into the ground. When rain comes, all the soil that isn’t being held by a tree, will flow to the lowest point on land. This is normally a body of water. Once the sediment gets in the water, it can change the temperature of the water, provide less oxygen for the fish to breathe, and ultimately kill them.
Bo Vyne
Works for Don Juan Tuno
Owns the Cattle Ranch
Doubled the amount of cattle 7 years ago.

Sandy Trapp
Owns Golf Course
Phosphates were found draining from the golf course.
Sandy and a person named Mo had a conversation about a brown spot on the eighth hole. However, Mo Lawn feels that the browning is not because of lack of fertilizing, rather a dog urinate or pooped on it. Mo even says that they are already using enough fertilizer and they don’t need to put more. She also states that they don’t know where the water with the fertilizer is going. Draining water can also cause sediment issues.
Phosphate in the water can cause an algae bloom. Phosphates make plants grow better and algae is a type of plant. When phosphates get in the water, the algae population booms. This can make it hard to see through water. When all of these plants die, bacteria eats the dead plants, using up oxygen. If there is little oxygen, the fish can die.

No phosphates were found draining into the river
The type of oil found in the Bay is car oil, not crude oil.
Mandy Lyfbotes
Works for Don Juan Tuno's Oil Refinery and is Captain of the oil tanker
Don Juan Tuno: Guilty for sediment, Innocent for phosphates and oil
Avery Wun: Guilty for oil and acid rain
Ken Unaballe: Guilty for chlorine
LaToya Factorie: Slightly guilty for acid rain
Anton Alouge: Guilty for sediment
Bo Vyne: Innocent
Sandy Trapp: Guilty for phosphates
Mandy Lyfbotes: Innocent
Suggestions for the Future
In the future, I suggest that clear-cutting, as well as the hunting of mountain lions, be prohibited. These will both help to solve the sediment issue. I also suggest that the owner of the water slide must check in every month to make sure that his chlorine is not disrupting the environment. Also, I think that Sandy Trapp should pay for putting up some sort of barrier to protect James Pond from having phosphates. I think the toy factory should be forced to put scrubbers in their smokestacks to remove the chemical that causes acid rain. Finally, there should be more public transportation, carpooling or people riding their bikes to work. This would cut down on the amount of acid rain as well.
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