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Katherine Wilson

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Australia

Business Environment and Entry Strategies
Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)
Brief Description of Country's Business Environment
Special Control and Regulation Issues
Concerns About
Foreign Countries
Suggestions for Entry Strategy
Suggestions For Competitive Strategies
Background and Culture
Managing People
Katie Wilson
Tansheniquia McDonald
Victoria Smith
Theriton Wells
Britain and its convicts
Gold Fever
Became a nation
Australians went to war
New wave of Australians
Aboriginal Culture
Colonial Myths
Australian English
Sporting Heroes
Outdoor Lifestyle
Crave Culture
U.S. Management vs. Austrailia Management
United States:
command-control leadership
Respect gained through position
Employees lack control in the workplace
Work hard to rise through structured ranks
Fraternal leadership
Respect gained through character
Flexibility and autonomy in the workplace
Work is a part of life, but does not consume life
Aussie's Aqua
The name is derived from the slang word Australians use to describe themselves
Specializes in water sports gear and necessary beach items
Located in Sidney, Australia
Inside the Westfield shopping center (4 Level)
Most popular city in Australia
Many tourist & familes tour here each year
Use of exclusive distributors or agents
Emphasis on high-performance products designed for serious water enthusiasts/athletes
Emphasis on employing local labor
Most foreign workers enter Australia on a temporary visa
National Employment Standards
38 maximum work hours per week
Flexible work hours for parents
4 weeks paid annual leave
Community service leave: paid leave for jury service, unpaid leave for other community service
Paid public holidays
Minimum notice of termination of up to 5 weeks depending on age and years worked
We will employ mostly host country nationals
Home country managers will work closely with host country management
Establishing local sales presence
Meet prospective partners
Demonstrate ongoing support
Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA)
Hop on Over to
Geographic Diversification
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