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Op Art Cube Project

Op Art Summative task - Create a cube that shows a variety of skills and techniques learned throughout the unit.

Megan Duff

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Op Art Cube Project

You will want to consider using:

Pencil Crayons
Felt-Tip pens

Whichever materials you choose, make sure to use then properly, and using the appropriate techniques we have been practicing
Task: You will be creating a 3-D Op Art sculpture. Using what we have learned in this unit, and your own research on the Internet, you will cover a cube with a variety of Op Art designs.
Op Art Cube
You may use your device for ideas, as well as your previous artwork.

Use your friends as help when you get stuck.

Work through any challenges and see what you can do!

 I will carefully choose my optical illusions, so my viewer can see a variety of my skills and learning.

 I will choose and use my materials properly, making sure to use them as we have practiced to create clear blocks of colour, proper shading and clean lines.

 My finished cube is a clear example of what I have learned and my skills. I have used a variety of colours and lines so the viewer is interested in my work.

 My cube is well constructed and ready for display.

Success Criteria:
Your task sheet has a reflection and rubric on the back. When you are finished your cube, we will be completing this.

You will have the opportunity to fill in the rubric yourself and prove your reasoning to me.

Consider your skills and weaknesses while we work our way through this task.
Reflection & Rubric
Op Art Cube
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