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Domestic Servitude - History

No description

Will Cartlidge

on 15 March 2018

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Transcript of Domestic Servitude - History

What is domestic servitude?
Domestic servitude is normally a form of indentured work. Many people are promised a better life where ever they go, but some are kept in really bad conditions with no pay. Domestic servitude is specific to 'slavery' in someones home, normally focusing on the 'owner' of the 'slave.'
Sumara Iram
Sumara Iram was held in domestic servitude by her husband in February, 2013. During an 18 month duration trapped in the tiny basement with hardly any food and water she was tortured horrifically. During that period she tried to commit suicide multiple times, but stopped doing so after she realized she was pregnant with product of her husband's rape.
Thanks for watching!
Domestic Servitude
By Will and Tae Su
In August, 2014 she finally managed to raise the alarm. After the police arrived she got an abortion, but she lives in constant fear as they never could capture her husband.
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