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Understanding Patriarchy

No description

Tam Su

on 30 April 2018

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Transcript of Understanding Patriarchy

Bell Hooks
Main point
=> So both genders are affected by patriarchy without thinking deeply about it
We agree with the author that both of the genders are influenced by the society in the idea of patriarchy
Thank you
• Patriarchy
"Understanding Patriarchy"
bell hooks

• She point out that patriarchal notions are taught through religion, schools and especially family
Ways patriarchal culture is maintained
• But men are not “the enemy”, both genders are affected by patriarchy
• Counter argument
Father or mother?
=> Author is clearly against patriarchal ideas.
She also points out that it's both men and women faults
Her personal experience
The sexist ideology (or gender discrimination) idea is accepted by the social and too strong to deny
She doesn't mention that both men and women also lose something, but they get some other things in patriarchy
She just says we have to change, but doesn't say exactly which ideologies or which parts of human being we should change
Patriarchy idea made physical characteristics differences become the sexist ideology of men and women in term of their ability
Should we change to end patriarchy?
• “As long as women are using class or race power to dominate other women, feminist sisterhood cannot be fully realized"
• Gloria Jean Watkins is an activist and a feminist
• Jean wrote over 30 books in different fields
• She is an expert of what she talked about in this article
• Jean as a child grow up in a family who believed in patriarchy
• Jean was influenced by many activists, which had an impact on her life
4 groups
Patriarchy supporters
If so, should we prompt feminism?
What we should do specifically to change the people's thoughts?
If we shouldn't, why?
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