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What is Science?

This is the first prezi I ever made. I will certainly go back and improve upon this before the next school year.

Joel Hickey

on 20 August 2015

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Transcript of What is Science?

What is Science?
What do you think?
What does "science" mean to you? Define it in your own words.
I would say ...
Long Answer: Science is a systematic way of learning about the universe using testable explanations and predictions and a way of organizing that knowledge.

Short Answer: Science is the poetry of reality.
Thinking Critically
To think like a scientist is to think critically.
Ask questions.
Demand, examine, and evaluate evidence.
Be skeptical.
Read your definition for "science" that you wrote earlier.

Write a new definition based on what you learned today.
Being skeptical means not accepting a claim as true until it is supported by sufficient evidence.
Let's see...
Can you think like a scientist?
Write on your paper...
What appeared to happen?
What do you think happened?

Why are some explanations better than others?
Occam's Razor
The explanation that makes the fewest assumptions is usually the best.

... or ... The simplest explanation is usually the best explanation.

Also known as the "principle of parsimony" or "principle of economy"
This is useful...
We can use Occam's Razor as a tool for cutting away the least likely explanations.

Does the man have magical powers? Or is he a talented illusionist using sleight of hand?
Siberian Mammoth?
This video was posted and said to have been shot in a remote part of Siberia, part of Russia, where few people live.
What do you think?
Does this video show a mammoth crossing a river in Siberia?

What other explanations are there?
The truth is...
This video was proven to be a hoax. There is no evidence to suggest that there are any surviving populations of mammoths.
Be a Critical Thinker
Skepticism is a shield that guards you against being fooled into believing things that aren't true.
The Scientific Method ...
... is how we minimize human error. We can all be fooled.

The scientific method is the way we make sure we aren't fooling ourselves.
Mammoths were cousins to elephants that are believed to have gone extinct in Siberia almost 10,000 years ago as the last ice age was ending.
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

Carl Sagan, Astronomer and Science Educator
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