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Joseph Tuso

No description

Will Ruddell

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Joseph Tuso

Joseph Tuso
by William Ruddell

The Scarborough
The ship was named after a town on east coast of England
It carried 268 people
It was a transport ship
It weighed 430 tonnes
It was captained by Sir John Marshal
Life as a convict in Australia
From Botany Bay he was transported to Norfolk Island on the boat Sirius
The boat sank on a reef while trying to land on Norfolk Island
Life on Norfolk Island was very harsh
He lived on Norfolk Island twice
He received 950 lashings in total
He ran away twice
Sailing to Australia
He sailed with Matthew Flinders
He was on the ship called the "Investigator"
He circumnavigated Australia
Why Joseph came to Australia?
He was sentenced to death at 14 years of age because he robbed and attacked an elderly man worth 81 shillings
The government changed their mind and sent him to Africa
Life before he came to Australia
Born in 1769
His family were very poor
He did not have a job
Belonged to a Jewish family
Was sent to Africa at 14yrs old
When he was 16yrs old he was put in hulk
Sir John Marshal
cat o nine tails

Joseph Tuso had an AMAZING life, from being a convict to a
constable, a father, husband and a major land owner.

He unfortunetly died in 1820
Life as a freesettler
He was given a full pardon by the government in 1802
He became a respectable member of Australian society
He became a District Constable
In his later years he was a husband and father
He owned 50 acres in modern day Darling Harbour also known as Cockle Bay
life i
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