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George Harrison and Hinduism

No description

Bailee Garrison

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of George Harrison and Hinduism

George Harrison and Hinduism Were any of George Harrison's family members hindui? If so who? When did George Harrison become apart of Hinduism and why? George Harrison has not always been Hindu. He became Hindu in his mid 20's. He wanted to begin his quest because he discovered that everyhting else can wait ,but the search for God cannot. His spiritual search led him to delve deep into the mystical world of Eastern religions. The Beatles went to India several times but, George was the most interested. The Beatles were at Rishikesh, India, in 1968, to attend an advanced Transcendental Meditation training session at the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The trip came six months after The Beatles first met the Maharishi, in August 1967. Their adoption of him as their guru attracted wide attention and is credited with changing attitudes in the West about Indian spirituality. They arrived together at the ashram in February 1968, along with thier wives, girlfriends, and managers, and followed by reporters. Ringo Starr left after only a short stay. Paul McCartney stayed several weeks. John Lennon and George Harrison left abruptly in April, possibly due to rumors of inappropriate behavior by the Maharishi. While there, the musicians wrote many songs which were later recorded on The Beatles (White Album), Abbey Road and Let It Be. None of George Harrison's family members were Hindu.He was actually Catholic in his childhood years. He says, "references to his childhood religion emerge in P2 Vatican (Last Saturday Night). This shows he is Catholic beacause the Vatican is a Catholic building. George has also said he was born into a Catholic family in Liverpool, England. He also states, "None of my family has ever been Hindu, It was my own decision to search for god through a different religion." The family was Roman Catholic. His maternal grandfather, John French, was born in County Wexford, Ireland, emigrating to Liverpool where he married a local girl, Louise Woollam. George Harrison's family portrait This is the river known as the Ganges. Nicknamed Mother Ganges. George Harrison's ashes were spread along the Ganges. The river is very sacred to hindu's. How did George Harrison die? Is it true is ashes were spread along the Ganges river? George Harrison was stabbed in 1999 by an intruder that may have had some crazy obsession. (no name) George Harrison lived. Later on December first 2001 on a Thursday at one thirty p.m. in Los, Angelos . George died from throat cancer. Later he was cremated. George Harrison was HIndu so hsi religion said that spreading his ashes along the Ganges was apart of religion and was very sacred. People were devistated. George Harrison's family were last night scattering his ashes on a sacred Indian river as fans held a minute's meditation for the late Beatle. The moment's silence at 9.30pm came after a candle-lit vigil in his hometown, Liverpool, joined by the city's mayor and local people. Harrison's wife Olivia and son Dhani asked for him to be remembered and gave thanks for the displays of affection following his death on Thursday.
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