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isaiah walker

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of El-Salvador

EL - Salvador
Smells and Tastes
The Capital of El-Salvador is San-Salvador
A famous person from El-Salvador is Carlos Hernadez. He was a famous boxer in El-Salvador until he retired in 2006
Famous Person
A famous sight is Tazumal. It was an ancient mayan city located in the city Chalcuapa in western EL-Salvador. It has been abandon since 8th century AD
Another and most popular place to see in El-Salavador is Iglesia El Rosario. It is a famous church and is the most visited tourist attraction in El-Salvador

Something you can touch in El-Salvador is its Volcanos. El Salvador’s nearest volcano is located in the Parque Nacional el Boquerón. Hikers reaching the top are rewarded with dramatic city views.
Another thing to touch are the historic streets. San Salvador’s downtown is an eye-popping mix of colonial architecture and street vendors selling everything from pupusas to pirated DVDs. Each day is extremely busy except Sunday. But avoid the streets at night.
Things you can hear in El-Salavador are Cumbia. Cumbia is a exotic type of music that involves many movements with the body. Some other things you can hear are all sorts of exotic animals. Such as wild cats and Ocelots.
Things you can smell in El Salvador is the fresh coffe made their by hand, and the beautiful smell of the trees in the forest
There are man things to taste in El-Salvador. One thing being Pupusas. It is a classic Salvadorian dish
Another good dish in El-Salvador is Empanadas. They are usaully stuffed with an wide assortment of ingredients such as chicken and cheese or pork.
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