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Healthy Life Group

No description

Angela Shen

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Healthy Life Group

Healthy Life Group
Should Larson solely partner up with Loblaws?
1. Current Situation
2. Finances
3. Alternatives
4. Recommendation and Implementation
5. Closing and Questions
Current Situation
Larson wants to introduce HGL to the Canadian market
Opportunity Statement
By the end of this presentation, you should be convinced that HGL should not go exclusively with Loblaws. Rather, it has much more opportunities to expand.
Decision Criteria
1. Costs inline with the profit goal
2. Balance sheet balances
3. Income statement

Short Term: targeting multiple markets, be not exclusive to only Loblaws

Medium Term: incorporating product into multiple new products

Long term: personal line of product
Thank you
S: tasteless
W: wrong market, could have exclusivity with Loblaws, costs, 30 day period where Larson is borrowing money
O: more revenue, more products, more companies (a lot of opportunities to expand)
T: organic fruits and veggies, vitamins, supplements
Target multiple markets
Be not exclusive to Loblaws
Incorporate to multiple new products
Go exclusively with Loblaws
Larson should not go exclusively with Loblaws
Net income shows promise
Larson should expand
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