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Ana Martinez

on 5 May 2014

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Marketing project
Fast Food Market
- Gluten free potato-based bread
- Soy based patty
- Tomato (Currently being used)
- Lettuce (Currently being used)
- Avocado OPTIONAL
- Mayonnaise (Currently being used) OPTIONAL
Health Decline
30 % consumption per week
Increase revenues, profits
Customer Satisfaction
My competition
Vegetarian Market
Our products focus on the well being of our customers; fast food restaurants are beginning to notice the emerging market that regards health conscious people, so McDonalds has to penetrate that market in order to keep up with the competition and gain the new market share.

These products will increase the market share of the company due to the fact that the market approaches a different and new kind of customer, without jeopardizing their actual buyers.
b. How does this product meet
consumer needs?
As aging Baby Boomers become more concerned with food's role in preserving their health and people of all ages become increasingly focused on the implications of meat production for animals and environment, the
to produce and serve vegetarian food should continue to build.
Most of the production will be directly involving the suppliers,.
The selected supplier will provide the company with the soy patty, tofu and organic tortilla.

The patties’ production process includes the defrosting of the respecting item and carefully frying it in a surgical pan, with no extra oil (due to the ingredients nature it won’t stick to pan). The bread will be heated using a pan and the addition of supplements will be the same as other products in McDonalds.
For the Wrap a similar process will take place, as stated before the tofu and tortilla will be delivered only to be heated in a pan with the cheese , then the vegetables will be added.

Since the time for prep time is relatively short the products will be prepared when ordered.
- Mushrooms
- Tomato
- Cucumbers
- Leaf Lettuce
- Red Onions
- Swiss Cheese
- Crispy Tofu
- Whole wheat soft-shell tortilla

Our product will follow the normal presentation that burgers and wraps already have in McDonald’s consisting of the paper wrap surrounding the burger and a cardboard box,
Marketing Mix
Loaded with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, shredded lettuce and Swiss cheese, topped with lemon crispy onions, roasted garlic, crispy tofu and a special buffalo sauce, all wrapped in a warm whole wheat soft-shell tortilla.
The price for product
A) McVeggie Burger
will be set to $2.99, a dollar less than a regular burger to encourage the consumption. A similar burger is being sold for only one dollar in India, so we will still be generating profits.

For product
B) Veggie Snack Wrap
the price will be set at $4.99 since a similar product is already sold in Canada and most of the ingredients used for the final product are already managed by the company.

a poster announcing the new vegan/vegetarian product in order to target the huge market that only uses the McDonalds drive-through.
Drive-through Poster:
TV ad:
McDonalds is used to utilizing TV ads to promote their new products, therefore this will be used as another way to get customers and suspected customers familiarized with the product.
Buzz Marketing:
The personnel at the counter will provide information about the new products at the beginning of every new purchase.
This product is aimed to be placed in all the franchises (not only those driven by cultural beliefs), Arabia being an example, as well as Canada, since they already have a product poorly oriented to this market. Therefore our product will be in every McDonald's store and please the customer who is health conscious, being an organic, hormone free product and as well please vegetarians or vegans that eat no animal-based products.
Growing market of health concerned customers, as well as vegans and vegetarians. Lower-Calorie Foods:

The customer base for fast food franchises and restaurants includes the entire population; however the population aged between 12 and 30 years of age averages the greatest frequency of patronage in fast food establishments, as they are the category with the greatest disposable income.
SEGMENTATION STRATEGY - age as the parameter
to the drive-through are two simple truths. First, it's convenient. And, after years of calculated expansion, the restaurants are everywhere we are, which makes fast food America's default dining-out option. Second, people like the way fast food tastes.
McDonalds has adopted itself according to the convenience and lifestyle of the consumers, as the vegetarian population increases and concern towards health too McDonalds will come up with a different and new product line which includes items like the McVeggie Burger and the Veggie Snack Wrap.
The means of reaching Millennials might be higher-quality products and lots of choice. McDonald's isn't the only major marketer trying to reach Millennials. Everyone from Coke and Gatorade to brewers and media companies are struggling to understand this group.
Competition Analysis
Adding greater value to the company through innovation
McDonalds primary competitors include
Burger King
, and
Corporation is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving nearly 47 million customers daily.
The Fast-Food Business
common industries
mostly taking place in developed countries
delivering foods more quickly than other any other restaurant system.
More about our
Continue being Cost Leaders
(WRAP) Where our price won't be ridiculously expensive, but certainly high enough to gain back on investments and really advertise to those new customers as well as to get our current buyers used to the new direction and focus of healthy but tasty food.

Our first product, the
McVeggie Burger
doesn't really have a lot of competition-
Burger King, similar item, the morning star Veggie Burger, being sold at $3.29.
At the same time Carl Jr., the Veg It- Guacamole thickburger sold at about $4.99. Our product is cheaper than both of our stringer competitors giving us the price advantage over them.

For our second product,
the wraps
, we don't really have competition since no other fast food restaurant gives the option of vegetarian wraps in their menu, therefore our established price of $4.99 has no other to be compared against.
Price and Competition
Social networks
Popular websites
Our new items will be evaluated in different time frames in order to analyze the demand over time.

Amount of burgers and wraps (each analyzed separately) sold over a 6 month time span,

An evaluation every other year will be made, in order to keep up with this new market.
The concern towards healthy eating has been increasing in a considerable manner since in this time-consuming era people are oriented or pushed towards the choice of fast food.

Will Fast Food Be The Death Of Us? While this company withholds most of the market share in their segment or targeted market, competition has been expanding their possibilities. The vegetarian/vegan market is considered an emerging and rapidly growing market

We learned about the huge impact that either appropriate or inappropriate marketing can have in a company. By adding a product to the actual menu, we decided to open their options to the different markets that could be addressed by adding a vegan option to their menu.

With well developed strategies, an established goal, a correct idea of the market, the adoption of current ideas and the appropriate team, the percentage of failure will significantly be diminished.
We now understand what pricing strategies must be taking place during the launch of each product, with the competition and geographical information clearly examined, we cataloged the product’s force in this competitive industry.
What actually drives families

both containing the name of the product “McVeggie”.
A delicious guilty-free meal that can be appealing for every eating habit, being gluten-free this choice can be just for everyone. It doesn’t contain any lactose derivative nor animal content. The product is only 250 calories and will certainly please your palate. The choice of adding mayonnaise makes the difference between it being considered vegetarian or vegan, but it is up for the customer to decide.
For initial pricing implement the SKIMMING strategy
The cost also includes an extra initial fee to cover costs of new basic equipment like the grilling pan to avoid cross contamination and provide for those who want to continue a strict diet.
One of the biggest competitors regarding our new products
Introduce the concept of “healthy fast food”.
Large amount of franchises
Making a better process for the visiting of a McDonald’s restaurant
Enhancing the overall in house experience (differentiation)
Leading on all the social medias platforms
Providing the best price the market (cost leadership)
Franchises over 73 countries
Outdated presentation and menu
Launched its own Veggie Burger in 2002, - advantage over the developing market
World´s most popular chicken restaurant.
Wide distribution.
Strong customer loyalty
Failed to develop vegetarian option in 2008 (pressure groups - PETA).
serve good food in a friendly and fun environment
to be a socially responsible company
and to provide good returns to its customers
a. Why is this product
People want fast food to comply with healthy eating habits. Fast food companies have responded by adopting healthier choices and have had some measure of success, but the shadow of bad press still hangs over the industry.
Sylvia Tattersfield A01193372
Regina Arizpe A01192941
Ana Paula Martínez A01193380
SRA is a Marketing consulting agency that focuses in providing an access to industry-specific expertise and information to a subject at matter. At the same time we specialize in improving the efficiency of marketing of a specific company.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO); Ana Paula
Chief Financial Officer or CFO: Sylvia
Chief Analytic Officer: Regina
MAIN FEATURES of Marketing Plan Report
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