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How to Get E.coli

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bes speler

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of How to Get E.coli

E.coli 0157:H7
How its Spread
How To Treat E.Coli
There is no anti-biotic or pro-biotic for E.coli so there is no treatment except for drinking a lot of fluids and get a lot of rest. If you are exhibiting the symptoms of e.coli you should get medical help right away
A Super Bacteria Who Can't Be Cured
How the E.coli Outbreak Started
At the past Jamestown fair, there was a huge E coli outbreak. Many people had came down with E coli. 2 people died. One person was saved. The community of Jamestown has become very irritated and has started accusing people of staring the outbreak. We are working very hard to discover where the outbreak started.
How you Get E.coli
Symptoms of E.Coli
Symptoms of E.coli include:
Diarrhea, Abdominal pain, and a fever. Severe cases of E.coli lead to bloody Diarrhea, Vomiting, Kidney Failure, and Dehydration.

Drinks Fluids!!
Wash Hands!!
The way E.coli spreads is if a contaminated person touches an area and another person touches the same area. So it is basically spread by touch.
We used process of elimination and research, to make our final decision, that the is the main source because from all the CDRs' and articles of information is an obvious choice.
Drinking/eating unpasteurized dairy
Eating undercooked meat
Eating raw vegetables
Not washing hands after bowel movement
game booth
food vendor
hand washing station
show arena
outdoor arena
pony rides
Our fair map is improved to prevent any disease from spreading to this town again. We have included a good amount of space between all fair categories (food, games, and animals) and included hand washing stations.
our hand washing stations are separate from the bathrooms because some diseases (E.coli) travel through waste. We recommend putting up signs that say "wash your hands". As you can see on the map, there are hand washing stations and bathrooms near the entrance and between all fair categories. We also recommend having the fair cooks take a pledge to check to make sure their food is healthy and safe. Another recommendation is to have a big tent near the food with stands from local food businesses. We are also going to address Claudius Black's problem with the school. he thinks that the fair is silly to have and that the out break started from school. The fair was 2 full days before the fair so the kids could get ok about school started.
HUS is the most severe case of
e.coli. When you have HUS the
symptoms include are dehydration
kidney failure and death. HUS
destroys red blood cells. HUS
mostly the same symptoms as e.coli but not all.Early symptoms include blood in stool, irritability, fever, lethargy, weakness. diarrhea, and fever. Later symptoms include bruising, decreased consciousness, low or no urine output, pallor, seizures but those are rare,skin rash, and yellowing skin.
HUS mostly effects children and seniors. When you have the
most severe case of e.coli it usually turns into HUS but
HUS is rare. HUS also effects your bladder.
You can treat HUS by getting certain surgeries like transfusions
packed with platelets and red blood cell, dialysis, and
medications such as corticosteroids.
We decided that the johnsons animals waste seeped into the pond
Animal waste can carry harmful strands of E coli
Johnsons animal went to bathroom, rain/landslide carried infected waste into pond and infected it
Victim of E coli, Charlie Thompson swam in the pond and got infected
Charlie played with Allen Johnson who was exposed to the pathogen, touched his animals and infected them
Allen DID NOT GET SICK because he suffers from OCD and excessively washed his hands
Later, Charlie played with his sister, Susie, infected her
Allen's animals went to the fair and infected people who rode/touched them
Many people from the fair were infected, but E coli progressed into HUS in three patients: Susie Thompson, Anthony Green, and Darryl Harper. Susie and Anthony passed away from these complications, but Darryl was saved
petting zoo

Big tent
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