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Discharge 2009/2010

Presentation of results of EB 2009/2010 of AIESEC in Kosice for discharge

Stela Beslerova

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Discharge 2009/2010

EB Košice 2009/2010 discharge Goals: eXchange - 18
members - 41
X+L - 6
leadership - 9 Realized: eXchange - 16/18
members - 16/41
X+L - 2/6
leadership - 9/9 QUARTER 2 / 2009 QUARTER 3 / 2009 QUARTER 4 / 2009 QUARTER 1 / 2010 ACHIEVEMENTS ACHIEVEMENTS 8X realized national conference organized 30 applicants for EPs BEST NEWIE award Maťko PANDA joined EB BEST EB award X MANIAC award 11 matches to pipeline NON-ACHIEVEMENTS national partnership signed new office broken match with USA OCP of PlanEt 2010 AIESEC Slovakia X no. 100 members recruitment financial sustainability fundraising NDK selling Tatra Banka grant for VSB NON-ACHIEVEMENTS Columbia issue LC VP OGX left EB ACHIEVEMENTS VSB organized 2 X+L realized ACHIEVEMENTS 20th anniversary of AIESEC Košice 22 raises in TELEGRAFIA Russia legislation finished Xmas party & NYE organized Mighty Fights WINNER NON-ACHIEVEMENTS VP TM resigned management of newies KEBAPP conference loss low selling culture setteled down 90% audit rating NON-ACHIEVEMENTS office in university lost eXchange AWARD 22 applicants for newies no teamleaders Columnbia issue finished (last payment to MC)
= 0 months financial sustainability local OPS organized TV media appearance SARIO networking event attended low selling performance alumni database not updated "Never let the fear of striking out keep
you from playing the game"
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