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Water Chemistry

Water moves across and through earth materials carries with it the products of human activities

water chemicals

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Water Chemistry

Water Chemistry By Seryna Meisel, Megha Dhond, Faran Savitz, Jacqueline Crispino, and Tommy Rogan the water content of our body is 69%
blood is 90% water
2/3 of the liver is composed of water
75% of the muscles are water
bones are 22% water
at birth a baby is 78% water
certain vitamins are only water soluble. Why is water essential for life? Water Quality Quality of water is very important in survival
The location of the origination of the water is crucial
Many people drink bottled water as opposed to tap water
are unaware of the dangers of bottled water.
laboratories found 38 contaminants in ten brands of bottled water in nine states and the District of Columbia.
This is very dangerous because some of these were wastewater products are cancer-causing byproducts (carcinogens) Breakdown of Earth's Water 70% of the earth is water
2.5% of water is clean drinking water
97.5% of water is salt water
70% of fresh water is frozen in the icecaps in Antartica and Greenland
1% of the world's fresh water is accessible for direct human uses.
Note: Drinking water can come from under the ground such as wells or from the surface, which would be freshwater. Water: The Universal Solvent Water softens and dissolves subtances quicker. Most people can locate water and it can usually be used safely to clean surfaces. Some things that water can clean are:
your body
your mouth
your teeth
your hands
stone Importance to Humans Importance to Plants water quality is important for plants.
plants need stable water quality for photosynthesis to occur healtily
water energizes the plant so they are able to photosynthesize
PHOTOSYNTHESIS: The process in green plants and certain other organisms by which carbohydrates are synthesized from carbon dioxide and water using light as an energy source . Water temperature affects water's ability to dissolve substances such as oxygen and salt.
water has an unusally high boiling point of 212˚ Fahrenheit (100˚ Celcius) .
Water has a freezing point of 32˚ Fahrenheit (0˚ Celcius). Since there is hydrogen bonding in the molecules of water, the energy required to melt ice and boil liquid water is greater than it might otherwise be thought.
Also, hydrogen atoms attached to the oxygen atom branch away from each other at an angle of 104.5 degrees.
This acts as a positively charged pole
the oxygen acts as a negatively charged pole. This enables water to be a universal solvent. Many substances dissolved in water can be either harmful or beneficial to organisms. Beneficial:
nutrients Harmful (Pollutants):
road salt
cleaning detergent
heavy metals
fertilizers from lawns Note: the manner in which water water quality is tested is by measuring the the indicators such as oxygen, pH, and other dissolved substances that might be in the water such as salt. The End! And that's water chemistry! Prominence of Water Temerature Reasons Why Water is a Universal Solvent A glacier contains frozen freshwater Our ocean's are an example of a saltwater source
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