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W9--Global War

No description

Chris Drowne

on 11 October 2018

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Transcript of W9--Global War

Global War
The Long Fuse
The Great War
World b/w the Wars
World War II
Europe fearing Europe
Massive military build-up
State service, reserves
Rivalries Cause New Friendships
Top dog on continent, off
Bookends vs. Central Powers
England? w/ France? w/Gy? Navy
1907 Triple Entente together
Germany’s Geography
Test Bookends
Sparking the Powder Keg
Hapsburg heir Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Trip to Serajevo, Bosnia, June 28, 1914
Slavs > Serbs
Black Hand, Gavrillo Princip
Austrian Reaction
Gy “Blank Check”
Serbs call Russia
Say no again, again, again?
France nervous
Austria decs war on Serbia
Gy decs war: Russ Aug 1/Fr Aug 3, Eng? Navy swap
German Strategy
Von Schlieffen Plan
2 Front War
RR key
Hit strong first, win it
Hit weak second
Aug 4 Eng decs war on Gy
Gy pop v $$$
Quick War?
Technology for good or evil?
War on Land
via Belg Aug 3
Russ moves west too soon
Tannenburg & Masurian Lakes
Moltke v Joffre
Battle of Marne, Sept 5-12
End von Sch plan, beginning of trench
flank build up
1915 Gy A-H all out vs. Russ
Russ holds, 2 million
Master Plans
Battle of Gallipoli
Churchill, 450 K
1916 “Home Runs”
Allies—Somme River in Summer
Axis—Verdun in February
Petain “They shall not pass”
Casualties almost equal, Gy stops
Battle of Somme, July – October
Tanks, gas, planes
Try the seas next
War at Sea
Who are the big powers?
blockades contraband?
Neutrals shut out of Gy ports
US reaction?
Gy reacts with “illegal weapon”
Feb 1915, U-boats in Atlantic
Lusitania, 5/17/15, Ad, 114/2800
President Wilson warns all
Gy suspends U-boats for a while
Battle of Jutland, 5/31-6/1/16
North Sea breakout, lux liner
GB Grand Fleet
Tonnage vs. victory vs. stalemate
Italy up for auction
Secret Treaty of London ‘15
Ottoman Emp, Bulgaria, Pol w. Gy
US "Sleeping Giant"
Zimmerman Telegram, 1916
Mexico, Feb ’17 U-boats
Admiral Hall/Room 40
Wash Post/neutrality
One Front War
Gy gas attacks, U-boats
GB only 6 weeks of food left
Wilson enters April 6, 1917
US forces not ready yet, prep horses?
Nivelle mutiny, Petain saves
US $10 billion, 250k/month
Foch & Pershing
Second Battle of the Marne, Aug ’18
9/29 Gen Hind Ludendorff to KW II
11/9 Gy strikes KW II flees
RR car 11th Hour, 11th Day, 11th Month
Peace Talks
Wilson leads way
10 m d, 20m w
Peace of Paris
Big Four
Orlando, DLG
WW, Clemenceau
5 main treaties
St. Germain—Aust
big one with Gy
Treaty of
French goals, safety revenge
English goals, navy
Italian goals, land
Wilson’s 14 Points
440 Clauses
Article 231
no off weapons
May 1919 Gy refuses to sign
Fr threaten invasion
June 28, 1919 two rookies
Hall of Mirrors
US Senate/Remarque
Blame for WW I Econ
Benito Mussolini (b. 1883)
Newspaper business, orator
“March on Rome” Oct 1922
Il Duce
Violence up, pop down
BM blames democracy,
insists fascism better
State run business, military, transportation
Rise of Fascism,
Rise of the
Third Reich
blame Weimar, T of V
enter Hitler (b. 4/20/89)
Vienna, Munich
WW I, medal, lesson
German Workers’ Party
pres by 1920
Nat Soc Grm Wrks Party
Beer Hall Putsch, jail 5/1
Mein Kampf
Hitler Seizes Power
pop soars
1929 depression, foreign loans
Jan 30, 1933 Pres Hindenburg
Chancellor Hitler
Reichstag no like
Fire, scapegoat, Article 48
Birth of Third Reich, 1000 years
Hitler’s New Policies
Nuremburg Laws ’35
Kristallnacht, Nov 9, ’38
30,000 1 bill DM
military build up
naval build up
abuse guilty allies
State of Emergency
no more Lg of Nat
1934 Gy-Pol Non-Agg
K-B? necessary?
1934 Aust Chanc Dollfuss
1935 A L return to Gy
March 1936, Gy to Rhineland
Fr upset, but no GB or US help
Franco-Soviet Pact
Spanish Civil War
Franco, test weapons
March 1938, Anschluss
More Hitler
Hitler-Mussolini Pact
1937 Jap back into China
Hitler supports, Jap vs. Russ
Gy needs lebensraum
Sudetan Czech region,
3m + borders
1938, Munich Crisis
Chamberlain Appeasement
Flies, 6 hrs + 3 hrs, show
Flies again, again w/ Daladier
USSR break Fr-Svt Pact
deal and quote
Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!
Gy army, navy ready
West wants to see Gy vs. USSR
Gy-Svt deal to split Pol
Little Entente scared
GB to Svts w/ #2 dip
8/23, ‘39 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
all ambassadors recalled
War imminent
breadth unknown, only east? west?
Sept 1, 1939, Gy into Poland
Blitzkrieg 1 mill men
Sept 3, GB, Fr dec War
Svts into Pol, Balkans
Russo-Finnish War, “ ”
Fr Maginot Psychology
April ’40, Gy to Den, Norway
May, Lux, DR, Belg, Fr
Dunkirk 330,000
Paris by June 13, Peace June 22
Fr resistance, Vichy Fr Petain
Festung Europa
Battle of Britain
GB ally with Gy?
Operation Sea Lion
Churchill “b,t,t,s”
Need USA
FDR Lend-Lease Deal
Summer 1940 air raids
Radar, RAF, Operation Ultra
British morale Hitler
Hitler looks east
fallout with Stalin, Mein Kampf
parallels with Nap’s invasion
Hitler blackmails Balkans
Oil Wheat
June 22, 1941 Gy into USSR 3 mill
Stalin did not believe
Leningrad, Stalingrad, Moscow?
“Not one step backwards”
Winter counteroffensive
Dec 7, 1941
Change of Power
Supplies to USSR
BM out of Africa
Rommel’s Afrika Korps
Patton Montgomery
Pacific Theater
Teamwork vs. BM/AH rivalry
Red Army pushes Wehrmacht out
Red Army into E Europe
Invading Europe
’43 Casablanca
unconditional surrender only
’43 Teheran
invasion of Europe division of Europe
Summer ’43, Sicily, BM falls, Gy in
Operation Overlord
Eisenhower leads
When to go? Where?
July 20, 1944 bunker bomb
Aug ’44, Allies roll to DR
Operation Market Garden
Last Try
New weapons
Hitler Youth
Battle of the Bulge
Bombs, rockets, scientists
Katyn Forrest Massacre
Feb ’45, Svts, Allies close in
Gy mutinies
April 30, Hitler, Eva, Dog
Adm Doenitz
V E Day, May 8
Aug 6, 9 bombs
Sept 2, V J Day
Peace treaty?
Yalta, Feb ’45
B of P in victory
quarter Gy
Potsdam, July ’45
Big Pol
West vs. Svt fears
small nation deals
End of World War II
financial issues
Dawes, Young Plans
Treaty of Locarno/Spirit ‘25
Gy, Belg, Fr, necessary?
Eastern European fears
Little Entente (Yug, Czech, Rum)
1928 Kellogg-Briand pact, 65
France still nervous
Maginot Line
Russian issues, withdraw?
Nich II abdicates March 1917
Karensky Prov Gment
Bolshevik Rev Oct 1917
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk 3/3/18
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