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David Suzuki

No description

Sally Lopez

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of David Suzuki

David Suzuki
Fun Facts
- David Suzuki's hometown is Vancouver, B.C.

- David Suzuki is actually part Japanese.

- His birthday is on March 24, and was born in 1936.

- David Suzuki is 77 years old.

Davis Suzuki is famous for a lot of acts, including his TV show, books - which are also quite popular, going against the government for the lack of natural preservation, and awards he has earned over the years, like Officer of the Order of Canada in 1997, UNESCO's Kalinga Prize for the popularization in science and The Companion of the Officer of Canada in 2006.
Who is
David Suzuki?
David Suzuki is a Canadian environmentalist, author, scientist and broadcaster (He runs a TV show, called "The Nature Of Things") he is inspired by nature, and by doing all of this, also inspires many Canadians.

What does David Suzuki do?
David Suzuki does many things, like write books, including "Tree: a Life Story", "The Sacred Balance", and "Genethics", which are all mainly based on the preservation of nature. He also is against global climate change (OR Global Warming) and is persuading people across Canada and other countries to not drive as often, stop wasting natural oil, and other acts to stop global climate change. He runs a TV show called "The Nature of Things" which involves him easily explaining the lack of environmental conservation, causes of natural problems, and other important information about nature. He also finds small and helpful ways to be eco-friendly when doing everyday things, and spend less money on expensive products, that are bad for the environment.
By Sally Lopez
What is David Suzuki
famous for?
The End
Thank you for listening and learning from this!

How has David Suzuki
Contributed to the Canadian Identity?
Phew! Now after all of
that, on to the important stuff.
Fighting for the end of Global Climate Change
David Suzuki has been well-known for fighting for the end of global warming and has also contributed to the Canadian identity. He has been very hard-working and motivated in doing so, and also very successful in explaining to people why it is so important. Knowing that global warming is affecting many areas besides Canada, David Suzuki is helping those other areas of the globe - that's pretty amazing!
Focusing on Nature
David Suzuki has also contributed to the Canadian identity by focusing on Canada's wildlife, animal habitats, and helping the ocean water stay fresh and clean for the animals to live in. This shows he is very kind, motivated, and hard-working. You can tell that many of these things prove he is a true, friendly (Japanese, too!) Canadian.
His Past/Childhood
When David Suzuki was 5 years old, his family was forced to leave their home, so they were moved to a camp in Slocan Valley in British Columbia for 4 years. After world war 2 ended, they went to go live in Ontario, where we live. When in Ontario, David Suzuki started to form an interest in nature, and collected all sorts of different specimens in a swamp near their home. He went to study in schools in the United States, earning a Bachelors' degree in Biology, Ph.D in Zoology, and later on became a full professor of Zoology at the University of British Columbia in 1969.
How does David Suzuki inspire Canadians?
David Suzuki inspires not just Canadians, but other people around the world. But how? He inspires us by showing how important and beautiful nature, the animals, and the land on earth can truly be. The thing is, not everyone thinks that is true. Some people over hunt, litter, chop down too many trees and make the world look bad. But he stands up, and takes a chance to tell those people what they are doing wrong. Since he has done this, his actions have made Canada feel and look like a better place.
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