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Age of Exploration

No description


on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Age of Exploration

Age of Exploration:
Henry Hudson

Who was Henry Hudson?

Henry Hudson was an English explorer and captain. He went on four voyages to Asia in an attempt to discover a northern route that connects the two continents, Europe and Asia. Even though Henry Hudson never found that route, he sailed farther north than any other explorer at
that time. He discovered three waterways in North America. They were later named after him. The names
of those waterways are: the Hudson River, Hudson Bay
and the Hudson Strait.
Henry Hudson's Voyages
Henry went on four voyages in lifetime, but he never achieved his goal of finding a passage way to Asia that was not blocked by ice. Henry's first two vogues were unsuccessful, he was blocked by ice both times. On his third voyage, he was blocked by ice yet again, but he decided to keep going and not to turn back to England. He decided to sail east. After crossing the Atlantic ocean, he found him self at what would later be Nova Scotia. On his fourth and last voyage he ran out of food quickly, but found Hudson Bay. Sadly, it was so cold he died.
Henry Hudson's Timeline
Henry's Skills and Accomplishments
Henry was determined, he was good at navigating and was a great explorer.
Some example of what he accomplished are when he discovered bodies of water that later were called... Hudson Bay, the Hudson River, and the Hudson Strait!

Henry went on four voyages in lifetime, but he never achieved his goal of finding an unblocked passage to Asia. Henry's first three voyages, by going from the west, were unsuccessful, he was blocked by ice all three times. But even through all of the hardships he didn't give up, he was determined and decided to keep going and not to turn back to England. So, he tried sailing east instead. After crossing the Atlantic ocean, he found himself at what later will be known as Nova Scotia. On his fourth and last voyage he ran out of food quickly, but found Hudson Bay. Sadly, it was so cold he died there.
Henry Hudson's Voyages

1560/1565/1570- Henry Hudson was born in England.(There is no known exact date)

April 23rd,1607- Henry went on his first voyage.

April 22cnd, 1608- Hudson went on his second voyage.

April 6th, 1609- The DEIC gave Hudson a quest. This is his third voyage.

November 1610- May 1611- Hudson and most his crew disappear on his fourth voyage in the Arctic Ocean He discovered what later was called Hudson Bay.

1604- Henry's wife asks EEIC to look for Henry. They were unsuccessful.
Some Challenges that Henry Hudson Faced
Henry Hudson faced many different challenges. On his first voyage Hudson encountered lots of fog, which is one of the worst things you can have if you are an explorer because you can not see where you are going, so you may go off track. This is exactly what happened to Henry Hudson. On Henry Hudson's second voyage he encountered about
storms when he was traveling and the rain caused huge waves to come and flood the deck of his ship. His crew had to use buckets to scoop the water out of the boat. The third voyage was the worst, when some members of Henry's crew set off to find food on the shore, the First Nations people attacked them and killed one of Henry Hudson's men. The murdered man was one of the most important men on the ship. He was supposed to keep watch to see if there were chunks of ice up ahead and if there were dead ends. Without him it was harder to figure out where to go. On his last voyage, Henry Hudson encountered tons of ice. The ice was thick and stretched far enough to trap his ship. By the time the ice melted and the boat was free, his dejected crew plotted against him and set him adrift in a boat with his son and a few other crew members.

Some Interesting Facts About Henry Hudson
Henry Hudson had three brothers
Henry married a woman named Katherine
Some people believe that Henry started sailing as a teenager
Hudson doesn't have a middle name
It is believed that Henry Hudson attended Harvard University
Henry and his crew were the first Europeans to spend the winter in Canada's arctic region.

Henry Hudson's Voyages
Method of Travel
Technology Used
Henry used bells, compasses telescopes and maps on his voyages.
Henry Hudson rode on a horse, he walked and he sailed a ship.
Thank you for listening to our presentation!
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Video About Henry Hudson
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