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Google Glass Marketing Plan

No description

Linh Nguyen

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Google Glass Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Marketing Mix
Situational Analysis
Marketing Strategy
Core Competencies
Top software provider: Google Chrome, Maps, Earth...
Selling high quality hardware products: Nexus Tablet & Phones, Smartwatch, Chromecast, Glas

Environmental Analysis
Customer Analysis
Customer Analysis (cont.)
Competitors Analysis
Critical Issues
Early Launch
Value for Money
Superior Customer Service
Market Segmentation
Forecast & Budget
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Industry Analysis
Situational Analysis (cont.)
SWOT Analysis
Group 2:
Chandrakanth Easwaran [MGBSEP13GLSCM060]
Nayan Jaiswal [MGBSEP13IBWM015]
Nguyen Thuy Linh [MGBSEP13CMM042]
Raditya Suryatmaja [MGBSEP13GLSCM066]
Ritika Shetty [MGBSEP13CMM047]

Google Glass, allow users to share the world through their eyes
As the consumer acceptance of wearable technology increases, Google Glass demand projected to reach 21 billion units by 2018 (Business Insider, 2013)
Generate a buzz through "The Glass Explorers" program, allow customers to test, review and feel the experience of the product.
Aimed at young, bold, creative and adventurous individuals
The ability to launch in time, deliver a superior value proposition and first-rate customer service are going to be critical to Google Glass’ success
Thank You!
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