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Integumentary System - SKIN! - 7th Grade Brawley Middle

No description

Jill Hoffman

on 29 October 2010

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Transcript of Integumentary System - SKIN! - 7th Grade Brawley Middle

Integumentary System Skin = important made of hair, skin & nails skin:
repels water
guards against infection
maintains homeostasis
senses the environment structure = complex epidermis = outer layer cells are formed first in the deepest part
they move upward slowly
new cells form below them surface cells are dead but waterproof (~30 cells deep) dermis = inner layer tissue is strong but elastic
rich in blood vessels
fat layer beneath dermis to protect from extreme temperatures
Stores energy for future use sweat & oil glands help control body temperature
protect skin by keeping it moist
open to the surface through holes called pores Hair & Nails Hair:
Shields head from sun
Traps heat close to head for warmth Nails:
protect tips of fingers & toes from injury
made of epidermal cells = thick and tough Sensory Receptors they sense heat, cold, pain, touch & pressure
help protect the body grows & heals Growth new cells form at epidermis base
cells constantly replace older epidermal cells
old cells brushed off during daily activities
dead skin cells are located in dust Injuries & Healing skin can repair itself
first-degree burns = skin is red, but heals in a couple days
second & third-degree burns = body loses fluids, dealth can result from fluid loss, infection & complications
rays from sun can burn & blister the skin - just like a hot object will
amount of melanin in skin determines skin color
frostbite = cells are damaged by freezing

Protection good nutrition & drinking water
appropriate coverings/clothes/sunscreen
skin kept clean
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