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TOYOTA's Storage Techniques

No description

ehab oraif

on 30 December 2013

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Transcript of TOYOTA's Storage Techniques

Expected Results
Customer Satisfaction

Cost and Waste Minimization

Efficiency and Profit Maximization
TOYOTA's Storage Techniques
Mother Tree

Waste Elimination
Waiting Time
Handling and transport
Useless and excess Items
Wrong SOP's
Useless Motion
Core Standardization
- SOP Clarification

- Storage Condition Evaluation

- Enhancing Total Storage KPI's Accordingly

Phase 1
Ensure Operational Effect
Phase 2
Guarantee Wastage Elimination
- Establishing a Warehouse storage System
* 7 - Storage Techniques
* Eliminate all Wasted / Non needed Items

- Re-Design Warehouse Layout

- Ensure :
* Productivity
* Quailty
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