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Water Deposition .

Galilea is girly Bryan Chris tavori

Earth Science

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Water Deposition .

p.O6 by ; Galilea , Bryan , Tavori , Chris . what is water deposition ? Water Deposition is a phase change ,
of water directly from water vapor to ice without condensing . Facts ; - deposition occurs along the inner edge . - the bend becomes bigger as water erodes
the cove . - the water cycle constantly is on the move on the earth . Vocabulary ; Alluvial Fan : a wide sloping deposite of
sediment formed stream leaves mount .
range .
Delta : freat rivers such as mississippi river
deposit the sediment .
Drainage Basin : area drain by the river ,
all tributes also called catchment drain .
Flood Plain :nearly flat plain along the
course of a stream that is naturally subject
to flooding .
Ground Water :water beneath the surface
of ground water consisting largely of surface
water that has seeped down . karst topography:landscape that is characterized by numerous caves sink holes and underground streams it usually forms in regions of rainfall were bedrock consist
Stalagmites mineral deposit sticking up from the floor .
Stalactites :mineral deposit that hangs down from the roof of a cave.

Levee :embankment designed to prevent the flooding of a river . Sediment :soil and rock particles that settle in a liquid . Nice isn't it Example videos ; Questions ; What is Water Deposition ? What does Deposition by water build up ? What is water vapor deposition ? Nailed it ! And you thought we would'nt finish
hahhahah !! love ,

Galilea Bryan Tavori & Chris :)
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