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The Birth of the Universe

The big bang, red shift, cosmic microwave background radiation,

Michael Stewart

on 23 March 2012

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Transcript of The Birth of the Universe

How the Universe began....
(or so the theory goes)
Here we have an image of the universe taken
by the Planck Telescope
This was a 600 million Euro project
launched by the European space agency
The telescope was sent millions of miles into space
to look at the oldest heat in the universe
But Why?
Our place in the
Waste of Money?
Scientific Discovery?
An intenational
Status Symbol?
Spend just 3 minutes writing down why you think people are interested in space and why you think this is a good or a bad idea?
P.S. You will have to have written
something for this section. So no sciving...

Not that I would think for a second that you would do such a thing you understand......
So what is our place in the universe exactly?
Well it used to be
right at the centre
Ptolemy's World
Now of course we know that this is not actually the case. (Even if a few individuals may still be under that impression)
Now of course we know that this is not the case
You (just as an example) are one of over 60 million people in this country alone.
There are around 200 countries with a total world population of over 7 billion
The universe is thought to be over a over 150 billion light years across and around 13.7 billion years old
....and its still growing
But how do we
know this?
That the universe is
The age of the
How many galaxies
are there?
How many stars are
there in the Milky Way
Spectral lines
Doppler Effect
Spectral lines are effectively a
chemical fingerprint as every
element will absorb different frequencies of light based on its exact arrangment of electrons
When we shine light from the sun
through a slit onto a prism, we get a...
A spectrum!!
(they all cry confidently)
Well, nearly. Actually when you look at the light very closely you will see a series of lines that have mysteriously disappeared.
These are known as Spectral Lines
Who can do the best impression of a passing sports car?

(Without disturbing the rest of the building)
You have demonstrated prior knowledge of the doppler effect
As the object moves along the sound waves it creates becomes compressed at the front and stretched out behind.
This means that the speed that a wave travels is depedent only on the media it is travelling in and not on the speed of the object making it
In fact it can overtake its own soundwave. As a fighter jet reaches the speed of sound, the wavefronts it produces start to add onto one another causing a sonic boom.
Remember this?
Question 1.
Which University were Bob Dickie and
David Wilkinson working in?
Question 2
Bob Wilsons cone telescope was
originally designed to do what?
Question 3
What did Wilson originally
blame the noise on?
Which piece of equipment was used to finally remove this problem?
Question 5
What did Bob Wilson say when he got off the phone with Bell Labs?
Question 3
How hot was the universe after 1 second?
Question 2
Which of the 4 forces broke away first?
Question 1
How many years is it suggested it
took before our sun was formed?
Question 4
What happened after 380,000 years?
Question 5
The 4 forces of nature
were combined into what?
There are two main pieces of evidence to support the theory of the big bang.
The first is the fact that the spectral lines from distance galaxies are red shifted.
This means that the galaxies are moving away from us as red shift is an example of the doppler effect.
The second piece of evidence is CMBR (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation).
This is thought to be the original electromagnetic radiation from the big bang. This radiation is now spread all across the universe and is just 3 degrees above absolute zero.
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