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Avatar's Distribution

No description

Tianna Joseph

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Avatar's Distribution

Avatar:IMAX 3D
Company Distribution
Avatar was released in a variety of ways where a larger audience would be targeted. 20th Century Fox released Avatar on blu-ray, DVD, 3-D, general release, and a re-release to the United Kingdom. Fox ensured a saturated release showing the Avatar in 503 different cinemas, and 485 different cinemas in the UK.This Film was known as the best picture-academy award.
Targeted Audience
The distributors wanted all ages to be able to enjoy this film from 8-80 years old. Purposely, Avatar was released around the holiday times so families everywhere would spend their time watching a nice action pact, love film that is not to intense for most kids.
Similar Films
The directer of the Film Avatar is James Cameron who is also the owner of Light storm entertainments who have directed a variety of films. The films under Lightstorm entertainment has directed similar films to Avatar and they are all common because they are on the top box office charts for being the film to have gained over millions of dollars. Titanic, John Carter, District 9.
Domestic total gross
Avatar is the 5th film ever to have ever brought in over $1 billion dollars. The domestic total gross for the film was $749,766,139. World wide gross income is $2,782,275,172
December 18th, 2009 the highest ranked movie nation wide was released originally in the UK. Avatar was meant to change to change 3-D cinema forever with the technology used in this film.
Both Avatar and the Titanic are very similar for many reasons as to be one being they were both directed by James Cameron. Both hit number one on the box office and both had a budget of over 2 billion dollars.
Forms of Advertisments
Avatar has its own website and twitter page to keep the fans updated and more interested in the film. Details are given to advertise information about the movie, cool facts about how it was filmed and cool behind the scenes features.
Shooting locations of this movie are kauai,Hawaii, Los Angeles, California, New Zealand,and Oahu Hawaii.
To get the cast ready for the life of living on Pandora in the movie Directer James Cameron took the cast to Hawaii and they spent their days living in the jungle building fires and eating fish.
The language the one of the main characters Na'vi speaks, was completely made from scratch by linguist Paul R Frommer. He had created over 1,000 words in this language, and off set the actors would use note cards to study them.
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