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by: Adri DuCharme and Gabriele Bossie

No description

adri ducharme

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of by: Adri DuCharme and Gabriele Bossie

Thank You!
what is mobility equipment?
mobility equipment is specially designed for disabled people. it can be for children, adults , and elders.
it can be a wheelchair to something you use to help you drive.
how dose it help people?
Is there training involved?
Well yes and no because some of the equipment used is very difficult to get used to and not everyone would have the same experience considering the fact that you may not have permeate injury.
what is the percentage of people in the us that use mobility equipment?
the percentage of people that use mobility equipment is 2.6%
is it permanent?
it varies between the disabilities and or injury depending on how bad the disadvantage/injury is how long you'll have the aid .
example: you may not know this but if you brake your leg and use cruches or a wheelchair you are using mobility equipment . which in the situation it is not permanent because once you heal you will no longer need the cruches.
more facts. . .
by: Adri DuCharme
and Gabriele Bossie
mobility equipment
they help people by having simple solutions to everyday issues that are now incredibly difficult, including getting in cars and walking/standing.
who uses mobility equipment?
anyone with a disadvantage.
babies,children,adults and elders are all included.

how do you know what equipment to use?
depending on what disability you have is what kind of equipment you will need. each equipment has a different job for different disabilities to help you get around.
our sources are. . .


how does it effect other people in the injured persons life?
the people would have to get use to the idea of them doing every day things different and them needing help with different things.
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