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The Prague School

No description

Thamara Gaune

on 7 June 2014

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Transcript of The Prague School

By Gonzalo Mondaca and
Thamara Gaune
The Prague School
/z/ is marked for
the feature
but unmarked for the feature
Vilém Mathesius
Roman Jakobson
Nikolái Trubetzkoy
Principles of
( Moscow, April 16, 1890 – +Vienna, June 25, 1938)
The phoneme set of distinctive features
Influence on the European
Contributions inherited to Functionalist Linguistics
Factors of Communication
Functions of
(Moscow 11,October,1896
- +July 18, 1982)
Functions of Languages are
related to Factors of Communication*
Russian-American linguist
Literary critic
Vilém Mathesius
Known information
New Information
1926->Founder of the Linguistic Society Circle
( Pardubice, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary —+April 12, 1945, Prague, Czech)
takes the
viewpoint of
the speaker
Theory of Markedness
Which one is marked?
Phonological Markedness
Factors and Functions of Communication
Social Communicator
Prague, Czech Republic.
Heritage of Structuralism

by Jakobson
The motorway from Santiago to Valparaíso is called the Route 68.

Factors and Functions of Communication
Cultural Oppositions
"How sounds are used to
convey meaning in a language"
I coined
in 1929.
Theme and Rheme
Where is the Theme?
Where is the Rheme?
The motorway from Santiago to Valparaíso
is called the Route 68.

The Prague School started its activity in 1926.
It was constituted by a group of Czech linguists (headed by Vilém Mathesius) and Russians linguists Roman Jakobson, who belonged to Moscow Linguistic Circle, and Prince Nikolái Trubetzkoy. They were strongly influenced by Ferdinand de Saussure, developing “The Functional Structuralism
Jakobson was the responsible for coining the term “structuralism” in 1929.
Two of the most important works were:
“The Programmatic Prague Theses”
in 1929 and “Principles of Phonology” in 1949
Prague School
This School emphasized on usage, communicative function, and the social context of the language. They took into account and attached a great importance to external factors (political, social and geographical factors).
Its members made important contributions in phonology and development several studies about “phoneme”, “distinctive features”, “markedness”, “topic” and “comment”, and the notion of “implicational universals”.

“Language is an instrument of social interaction among human beings, used with intention of establishing communicative relationships” . Simon C. Dik (Dutch linguist functionalist)
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