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Copy of Consumer Behaviour

No description

Kiara Moran

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Consumer Behaviour

Over 133,000 followers
Conversational & question based - ability to further develop relationships & continual informal contact
Competition publicity - use questions & hashtags # YouTube (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Paddy Power Digital Marketing Strategy Facebook Over 767,000 likes
Comedic & Informative Approach
Promotes other special offers & services
Use of competition publicity - through the use of likes, shares etc.
Expands and develops online community & relationships Twitter Mobile Applications Key Features Over 4,600 subscribers Over
A consumer’s personality influences the way he responds to marketing stimuli, but the efforts to use this information in marketing contexts meet with mixed results.
Brand personality is the set if traits people attribute to a product as if it were a person. Personality Attitudes An attitude is a learned predisposition to respond to an object or class of objects in a consistently favourable or unfavourable way.
Three components make up an attitude; beliefs, affect and behavioural intentions. Groups Other people and groups, especially those who possess social power, often influence consumer decisions about what to buy.
We are motivated to buy or use products in order to be consistent with what other people do. Recommendations
Reduce the level of controversy in their advertisements
Paddy Power should maintain their mischievous reputation, however the use of overly offensive material is unnecessary

Multiple Paddy Power advertisements have been banned over the past number of years
Having advertisements banned :
Does not yield high ROI
Can generate bad publicity Conclusion Bibliography Chaffey, D and Ellis Chadwick, F (2012) Digital Marketing Strategy, Implementation & Practice, 5th Ed, Pearson, Essex
Paddy Power (2013) About Us, [Online]. Available: http://www.paddypower.com/bet/about-us
O'Halloran, B (2012) Paddy Power's punt on internet comes up trumps, [Online]. Available: http://www.irishtimes.com/business/sectors/retail-and-services/paddy-power-s-punt-on-internet-comes-up-trumps-1.475947
O'Halloran, B (2013) Bookmaker's horse sense earns it €136m operating profit, [Online]. Available: https://www.irishtimes.com/business/bookmaker-s-horse-sense-earns-it-136m-operating-profit-1.1318170?via=rel
Boyle, P (2009) Paddy Power shares jump after signing joint venture, [Online]. Available: http://www.independent.ie/business/irish/paddy-power-shares-jump-after-signing-joint-venture-26581652.html
Charles, G (2012) The Marketing Interview: Christian Woolfenden Paddy Power, Marketing Magazine, 22 August, p.24
Solomon, M, Bomossy, G, Askegaard, S and Hogg, M (2010) Consumer Behaviour: a European Perspective, Fourth edition, Prentice Hall, Harlow International Betting & Gaming Group
Ireland’s biggest, most successful, security conscious and innovative bookmaker
"Mischief is the guiding philosophy behind the brand's marketing and has been a core aspect of the business from the outset" (Charles, 2012) One of Europe's major players in m-commerce
First bookmakers to develop & launch smartphone app
2012 - 49% of 900,000+ customers use app (O'Halloran, 2012)
Mobile turnover increased 225% to €366m in 2011 Provides odds on numerous non sporting events - TV events, weather, politics etc.
Live Horse Racing Feeds
Does not use Flash - compatible with Apple products
Bet Calculator Function
Racing & Football Commentary
Suitable for high & low stake betting Paddy Power App Social Media Activity Continued growth in the online & mobile market with an international focus. Eg. B2B deals in Europe & JV Australia (Boyle, 2009)
Online division has proven to be the main growth engine
2012 - Over 75% off all profits delivered online (O'Halloran, 2013) Online Marketing
Techniques Affiliate Marketing - Similar to refer a friend scheme - customer rewarded for each additional customer they introduce Pay Per Click - used to direct traffic to website - advertisers pay publisher every time ad is clicked SEO - process of increasing a websites visibility A typical Paddy Power customer may be fun, outgoing, enjoys humour, doesn't take life to seriously.
The brand personality could be viewed as similar to this due to its marketing strategy.
Paddy Power have to be careful not to promote addiction. The different attitude functions according to Katz are:
Utilitarian function: develop attitudes towards products simply because they provide pleasure or pain.
Value-expressive function: a person forms a product attitude in this case because of what the product says about them as a person
Ego-defensive function: attitudes we form to protect ourselves either from external threats or internal feelings
Knowledge function: we form some attitudes because we need order, structure or meaning Its helpful for a marketer to know why an attitude is held before they try to change it.

As Paddy Power are a betting company, they must ensure that consumers don't form attitudes that associate the company with gambling addiction. Contextualisation Opinion leaders who are knowledgeable about a product and whose opinions are highly regarded tend to influence others choices. (Celebrity endorsements).
Social media are changing the way companies and consumers interact Summary Paddy Power are conscious of their consumer base and have tailored their digital marketing strategy to engage and intrigue them Paddy Power's current digital marketing strategy is very strong
There is little reason for the company to change this in the future

However they will need to continously evolve and adapt with emerging digital marketing strategies Thank you for listening!
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