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Case Study: The Forgotten Group Member

No description

Marguerite Moore-Rotich

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Case Study: The Forgotten Group Member

Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Rene Birthday The Forgotten
Group Member Overall Result more advertising = little return Leadership
Conference Meeting
@ 2pm T H N A K Y O U P R E Z I What How Case Study: Let's Begin... Group
Members Cost of opening new centers Way too expensive!! Teamwork? Analysis
- Lack of Team Development
(Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning) Review Questions Effective Teams (2+2=5) Synergy Team Cohesiveness Team Interaction Christine was placed in a group with four other students to work on a major group project.This was the first time they worked together.

For the project, the students had to analyze a case and write an analysis of what they found. Once they completed their analysis, the group had to present the case to the class. Questions Conclusion Background How could an understanding of the stages of group development assist Christine in leadership situations such as this one? Cordell Miller Jordan Gentry Marguerite Moore-Rotich Dudley Bickham Ronnell Lloyd Christine: Meticulous,Organized, Gives 100% effort in every assignment
Diane: Quiet, Offers Good ideas when Prompted to contribute suggestions
Janet: Reliable, Over Achiever
Steve: Businesslike individual, Task Oriented, & Ensures goals are met
Mike: "Clown," Case What should Christine understand about individual membership in groups in order to build group processes that are supportive of her work group’s performance? Achieves high performance Generates member Satisfaction Is Christine an effective group
leader in this case? Why or why not? Stays viable for
long-term action Case Cont... The Organizational behavior course for the semester appeared to promise the opportunity to learn ,enjoy, and practice some of the theories and principles in the text book and class discussions. Christine Spencer was a devoted ,hardworking student who had been maintaining an A-average to date. Although the skills and Knowledge she had acquired through her courses were important, she was also very concerned about her grades. At the first group meeting the team members elected Christine as Team Coordinator. During that initial meeting Christine was attempting to set up a time before class to meet and discuss the project; however, Mike was not taking the project seriously and seem to have intentions to undermine the assignment by making inappropriate jokes and not committing to the meeting schedule Christine had suggested. Mike stayed in contact when he missed meetings. He sent brief notes to Christine so she could share his work with the other team members. Mike let outside priorities prevent him from meeting with the group. Mike seen Christine, Janet, Steve and Diane meeting one day in the cafeteria; Mike approached the table and expressed how upset he was that he was not informed about the meeting. Christine immediately told him that it was informal and invited him to join. He was clearly upset and walked away. The group project was due next week and everyone had turned in their assigned sections. Due to personal problems Mike had only gave Christine handwritten notes.

Christine was concerned because she knew that their grade would also depend on group evaluations. THANK YOU ************ -Disruptive Behaviors -Lack of team cohesiveness
Mikes absenteeism caused him to feel left out and not connected with his group. Therefore, he became the "Forgotten group member" Result: 2+2=3 Due to a lack of communication, a shortfall in team development, and unclear expectations, Christine's team could not reach it's full potential What went wrong? Case Fact - Cause Case Fact - Effect The stages of group development guides members through the process of getting to know each other. Through the process of team development expectations, behaviors, norms, roles, and responsibilities are established early on. Members of a team that understand the the stages will find it easier to develop a mature team that will have the potential to be high performers. In this case, Christine is not an effective
Team leader because she failed to focus on
her teams needs. As the coordinator she
had many opportunities to discuss the problems
she was having with Mike but never expressed the need for his active participation.
Christine could avoid problems like these in the future if she learns to establish norms in the beginning and recognize the strengths of her group. Christine would have benefited if she would have known how people relate to each other in groups Christine should identify the strengths and weaknesses of her team members to help assign roles and responsibilities. Based on personalities and individual needs Christine could have assigned roles that would have allowed everyone to participate and contribute equally.
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