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No description

Jade wong

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of cooper

What are coopers?
coopers make or repair barrels
The use of Barrels and who bought them...?
Exporters used them for transporting or trading goods such as

Women used them for butter churning
Naval stores used them for storage
-flour, fruit, bread, salted meat, and fish
How to make a barrel
1)cut down a tree,
oak trees have the
best result
2) cut into boards to whatever size is needed
3) make the correct size and shape
4) soak & shape the staves in water so they can curve properly
Basic Parts of a barrel
hoop- circle of iron made by blacksmiths
stave- the wood on the sides
head- bottom or the top of the barrel
6) seal the wood together with glue or pitch or burn the inside to seal
7) add hoops so everything stays tightly together
8) add the head
5) let it dry until it there is no moisture
by: Jade Wong
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