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Knox County Chamber of Commerce

100th Anniversary

Carol Grubaugh

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of Knox County Chamber of Commerce

A look over the past 100 years....
South Main Street
Mount Vernon, Ohio
Famous for: “Dixie”
& “Emmett’s Standard Drummer”
Famous for:
Uncle Arthur on
Bewitched & Hollywood
Daniel Decatur Emmett, Composer
1815 - 1904
Paul Lynde, Actor
1926 - 1982
Famous People From
Knox County, Ohio
First Mickey Mouse Cartoon
August 26th 1920 women were granted the right to vote
Amelia Earhart flies across Atlantic Ocean in 1932
The empire state building opens in 1931
Fredericktown’s first school building
Downtown Fredericktown, 1914
Fredericktown Water Tower
Wizard of Oz opens in 1939
The jitterbug was a popular dance that started in the 40’s
World War II raged on
A loaf of bread cost $0.14
Elvis Presley was a huge rock n’ roll icon
In the 50’s…
At The Chamber In The 50’s…
At The Chamber In The 40’s…
At The Chamber In The 30’s…
At The Chamber In The 20’s…
Franklin Roosevelt elected 32nd president
Minimum wage was $0.40
I Love Lucy was a popular sitcom in 1951
The First Chamber of Commerce was established in Marseille, France in 1599.
Mount Vernon
At the Chamber in 2000-2010…
At the Chamber in the 90’s…
At The Chamber in the 80’s…
At The Chamber in the 70’s…
Rebecca Nelson
Central Ohio Technical College Intern. Business Major
A Special Thanks To:
At The Chamber In The 60’s…
In the year 2000-2010
Jim Gibson
Knox County Historical Society
Minimum wage was $1.00
The Beatles were a sensation
J F. Kennedy became the 32nd president
1961 - 1963
Neil Armstrong
First Man to walk on the moon
Vietname War ends in 1975
All In The Family premiers
January 12, 1971
Nixon resigns in 1974
Eagles were big in the 70's
The 1920's...
In the 60’s…
In the 80’s…
In the 40's...
In the 90’s…
Knox County
Knox County Chamber of Commerce
Mount Vernon
Aeriel view of Utica
Mount Liberty
In the 30's...
In the 70's...
Janet Wacker
Knox County Public Library
December 21 1922- New division of Chamber called the Automobile Club

Angela Chadil
Central Ohio Technical College Intern
Business Major
Downtown Frederickton 1914
March 22 1918- First order of business is to establish street cleaning campaign
February 7 1919- Memorial Building Committee formed
March 14 1919- 275 members in the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce. The same officers have been leading the chamber for the past three years.
June 21 1918- New member rates are 12.50 a year
March 5 1920- Fred W.Kahrl elected President
August 17 1920- Mr.B.E Hepler and Mr C.G Conley elected delegates of the Chamber to the United States Chamber of Commerce.
March 4 1924- Amendement to Chamber's constitution affecting article 4 section 1. There would be seven members on the board. Three for a two year period, and four for a one year period.
January 2 1924- Hoy L Russell resigns from secretary position
November 19 1925- Chamber gives 500 dollars toward the construction of the Memorial Building
October 5 1926- United States Marine Band plays in Mount Vernon. Chamber profits $516.57
March 31 1919- First election for new officers. Mr. Henry Beam elected President.
February 15 1927- Chamber and Red Cross work together to keep a homeless man dubbed "Blind Mansfield" off of the street.
March 16 1927- Annual dinner for Chamber. 110 members in attendance
At The Chamber in The 20's
October 11 1927- Dr.Hugh Wayt to speak at the Cincinnati radio station WSAI for Dan Emmett Program
anuary 10 1928- Annual farm city dinner to be held in February called the "Knox County Indoor Exposition"
February 28 1928- Chamber wants to make the Knox County Community Festival an annual event.
March 21 1928- The 12th annual meeting of the Chamber of Commerce. Event held at the Curtis Hotel with 160 members in attendance.
April 10 1928- The custody of the auto tourist camp at Riverside Park is turned over to the city. The Chamber originally established this park.
June 12 1928- The 4-H club invites members of the Chamber to be guests for a dinner reception on July 25th.
October 17 1928- United States Chamber of Commerce wants local chamber to appoint a National Councilor. Mr. Williams accepts this postion.
March 28 1929- Receipts of Farm City dinner held in February.375 dinners @ 50 cents total is $187.50, 142 pounds of meat cost is $45.63, and ice cream $ 18.00. The grand total is $265.33.
June 5, 1929 - Knox Chamber of Commerce paid its first dues to Ohio Chamber of Commerce, $10.00.
October 2 1929- $20.00 was paid to the Chamber of Commerce United States for annual dues.
July 3 1929- City Coucil passed an ordinance providing for the expenditure of 10,000 dollars for the site of the armory building.
une 13 1944- Documentary film maker Julien Bryan selects Mount Vernon to be part of his film pertaining to American life.
Feburary 6 1945-Farm City dinner sold 105 tickets @1.15, total 120.75 dollars through the Farm Bureau, Chamber sold 163 tickets @ 1.15 dollars total 187.45. The grand total is 308.20 dollars.
May 24 1945- President of the Shellmar Products company is appointed as Chamber of Commerce representative on the Mount Vernon community trust.
February 12 1946- Farm City Dinner, Chamber of Commerce sold 169 tickets @ 1.00, 169.00, Farm Bureau sold 141 tickets @1.00 for 141.00, total 310.00 dollars.
November 14 1946- Chamber of Commerce to endorse program of the Joint committee on Tuberculosis control of Ohio which would provide state legislature action to build five tuberculosis hospitals in the state
May 7 1947- Mr Rudin reported that Mount Vernon should have a radiostation. An application is sent to the Federal Trade Communications Commission.
August 12 1947-The Chamber has a luncheon celebrating 100 years of First Knox National Bank.
November 9 1947- Mount Vernon Broadcasting Company applies for a license to have a radio station in Mount Vernon
December 9 1947- The Ford Motor Company, Auto Club and the Chamber work to establish drivers education classes at the Mount Vernon high school
May 12 1948- Chamber of Commerce to appoint a member for the Mount Vernon Community trust. Mr.B.W Martin appointed for a five year term.
April 11 1949- A bill will be introduced to the Ohio Legislature regarding the proposal of a municipal court in Mount Vernon.
March 7 1950- The 34th annual meeting of the Knox County Chamber of Commerce. There have been a total of 25 presidents from 1916 to 1949.
September 11 1950-The Fredericktown Centennial Committtee thanked the Chamber for their cooperation in the celebration of Fredericktown’s centennial anniversary.
March 13 1951- The 35th annual meeting of the Chamber of Commerce. Allin Kahrl past President, who presented retiring President McCann with a certificate of appreciation for his services during the past year.
August 1 1951- The Municipal Committee agrees that Mount Vernon should have a City Manager form of government. A subcommittee formed with Dr.Walker of O.S.U and obtained details for forming a charter for city government. This would provide proper ordinance by City Council for election of 15 members of a charter commission.
March 4 1952- The 36th annual meeting of the Chamber of Commerce. 156 members were in attendance.
March 7 1952-Harry Lintz of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States would have a 15 series radio broadcast, 1 show per week, was to be called “The Business Viewpoint.” This would be featured on local WMVO station, and cost 14.05 a week.
Proudly Serving Knox County
1916 - 2016
First Local Chamber of Commerce
Charelston, South Carolina

April 18, 1916
Mount Vernon, Ohio
Democratic Banner.
In 1954 racial segregation is ruled unconstitutional
Amy Smith
Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Communications Major
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