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The Violin

By Amber Jenkins

Amber Jenkins

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of The Violin

The Violin By Amber Jenkins Creation The violin was created by Andrea Amati during the midieval times in Europe. He was ordered by the French King, Charles IX, to make him 24 violins. get it The violin is in the string family Latin word "vitula" means "stringed instrument" the viola and the cello are part of the violin family sound The bow is rubbed across the strings causing them to vibrate. as the string vibrates the wood touching the string vibrates as well. the entire violin instantly vibrates with the same frequency as the strings the vibrating wood becomes more flexible allowing the sound to be more resonant and vibrant the arched shape and thickness of the wood helps the sound amplify now-a-days today the violin is a very popular instrument the electric violin sprang up from the violin (obviously) composition the strings on the bow are made of horse hair four strings: G, D, A, E
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