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What is multimedia?

A simple introduction to multimedia components.

Steve Blake

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of What is multimedia?

Multimedia Text Multimedia isn't just images, movies & sound!
Don't forget that text (what you write) is also important.
Be creative with it...

The creative use of text can be know as TYPOGRAPHY The right image can say more than a thousand
words... What will your images say?
Images can be photographs or graphics, full colour, black'n'white
or anywhere in between! Sound Getting your audience to 'do something' helps to engage them
with your message. It could be asking them to take a quiz, fill in
a survey, vote, send a text or select the TV 'red button'.

Any kind of RESPONSE means your audience has a greater chance of understanding what you want them to. Moving images Moving images can be very powerful.
They often tell a story, provide information and try to get a message across to the viewer. They can be animated or 'real'. Still images Photograph Graphic Interactivity {to explore again, just click
on an object to zoom in} It's not just the eyes that need information... so do our ears!
Music, narration & sound effects all add another dimension to the message you're trying to convey. A combination of different media, e.g. text, images, moving images & sound Feel free to re-use this Prezi as you please.
None of the images or videos used are mine and all rights belong to their respective owners.
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