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Volcanoes vs Earthquakes

Yr 8 Geography Assessment

Sophie Telling

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Volcanoes vs Earthquakes

Volcanoes vs Earthquakes, Which is worse? Introduction
For my Geography Assessment I have done
a presentation on Volcanoes and Earthquakes
and which I think is worse. I am going to take you through this presentation and show you all the different physical effects of both of these natural disasters and how people are affected by them. Map of volcanoes across the world! This map shows all of the volcanoes across the
world. It is easy to see where the volcanoes are
(they are all the red triangles), this makes it easy to know where the danger lies. What is a Volcano? A Volcano is where magma erupts
through the earths crust. It causes
ash, lava, poisonous gases, volcanic
bombs and sometimes pyroclastic flows.
Volcanoes can be made when earths
plates move. This happens mainly with
constructive and deconstructive
boundaries. Volcanoes Pyroclastic Flow
This is when a huge amount of gas
flow out of the Volcano, demolishing
anything in its path. Pyroclastic flows
can travel at around 100mph. Volcanic Bombs
This is a huge piece of cooled lava that has been ejected out of the volcano as lava but has cooled before touching the ground. Lava
This is the hot red liquid that comes out of the volcano. Lava can have different textures, sometimes it thick and sticky (viscous) and sometimes it thin and runny (fluid). Ash
Ash is basically made up of fragments of rock, minerals and volcanic glass. Ash is usually the main volcanic emisson that disturbs land and people What is an Earthquake? An earthquake is when the
ground vibrates and shakes. This can happen when the earths plates move. They can happen with all plate boundaries but they mainly occur with collision or conservative boundaries. Usually after Earthquakes there are some smaller shocks called after-shocks. Although after-shocks aren't as big as Earthquakes they are still very dangerous. Earthquakes The focus of the Earthquake is where the two
plates have friction, this is where the vibrations or seismic waves start. The epicentre is the point above the focus, on the earths surface. Often when there are Earthquakes, there is also a tsunami. If there is a tsunami then that will often cause more damage then the actual earthquake. Map of the Tectontic Plates. Earthquakes can happen anywhere along the
purple lines on the map above. (The purple lines
all represent the edges of the tectonic plates).
This makes it harder to know where earthquakes can happen just by looking at the map. Can you see the Ring Of Fire? Main Vent Magma Chamber Parasitic
Cone How Do They Affect Us? Volcanoes can affect people in many ways: It can stop people flying because of ash in the sky. It can pollute the air we breathe and sometimes cover the sky, making everything dark and hard to see. It can destroy peoples homes! How do Volcanoes affect people? It can destroy farmland therefore killing people stopping people from earning money! All of the affects of Volcanoes can happen all across the world no matter where the Volcano. How do Earthquakes affect people? Here are some ways that volcanoes can affect people: Houses collaspe killing people or leaving them homeless! When Earthquakes happen it usually only affects the place that the earthquake happened. People are left with no house, no money, no medical care and no supplies. People Wildlife People can die How do Volcanoes affect wildlife? Pyroclastic flows rush through trees and plants. This can damage them badly. Air pollution Sometimes when lava and some other volcanic emissions wash over the land it can make the soil very rich and full of minerals Animals can become sick and injured.
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