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The basics about soccer

Nonfiction Digital Book For ELA

Nazario S

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of The basics about soccer

The Basics About Soccer What To Drink For Soccer For Soccer it is very good to drink water. It is very good to drink water because you will get a lot of nutrients if you drink water. Other things that soccer players drink will playing soccer is gatorade. They drink it because sometimes they dont drink water and it helps too. Best Soccer Player
In The World The best soccer player in the world is Lionel Messi. He plays in a very good team called FC Barcelona. He has won 4 balones de oro trofeo. He is very known because he is the best soccer player in the world and he plays in a team that a lot of people likes. He was born in Argentina and his birth date was June 24 1987 and he is 25 years old. Best Soccer Shoes To Use When it comes to soccer shoes they are very important to use. If you are playing outdoors with grass you need to use soccer shoes with cleats or turf. And if you are playing outside with no grass you can use shoes with no cleats or with rubber cleats. And if you are playing indoors you have to play with soccer shoes without cleats or with rubber cleats as well. And some of the most popular brand of soccer shoes are nike or adidas. No Cleats Rubber Cleats Or Turf With Cleats How To Be Protected One way you can be protected in soccer is by using shin-guards. The reason for using shin-guards is when they kick you on the leg and if you have the shin-guards on the kick wont really hurt you. This is why protection is good and important for soccer. The Cost Of Soccer Shoes Soccer shoes come in many diffrent prices. Like for example they could cost 20-200 dollars. And in order for the person to buy their soccer shoes it depends on them. It depends on the person because they can choose diffrent soccer shoes and it depends on the price they cost. Shin Guards 20-200 Lionel Messi Lionel Messi Con Trofeos De balones de Oro By: Nazario Sosa Lionel Messi Team FC Barcelona Sources http://www.o-posts.net/news/champions-league/how-much-do-good-soccer-shoes-cost/



http://www.littlebeararena.com/media/1338463333.pdf Equipment In Soccer there is a lot of equipment to use. Some types of equipment you can use is a soccer ball, soccer shoes, and a goally net. It is important to use the right shoes when you play soccer because when you play with your soccer shoes you would be able to kick the soccer ball better than kicking the soccer ball with other types of shoes.
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