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Getting to Yes- Chapter 5

A summary of chapter 5 of Getting to Yes as it applies to sales.

Kelli Moore

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Getting to Yes- Chapter 5

GETTING Deciding on basis of will is costly Why Use Objective Criteria? factual pieces of information, independent of the parties in the negotiation, that are relevant to what should or should not be agreed to in that negotiation What is Objective Criteria?? To Do:
1) Create alternatives before hand!!
2) Are they applicable to your case? Developing Objective Criteria Fair ie. Cake and Kids Fair Negotiating with Objective Criteria Ask "What's your theory?" How to use Reason & be open to reason Using objective criteria can create stable, concrete, and fundamentally strong ideas that will lead to negotiating success! Take Kelli Moore
11/12/12 Reach a solution based on principle-not pressure
Agreement based on precedent is less vulnerable to attack
Dominance is eliminated
Reducing number of commitments that negotiators must make and then unmake
Makes for more efficient negotiations
Neither party looks weak Market Value
Scientific judgement
Professional standards
Costs 1. Frame each issue as a joint search for objective criteria.
2. Reason and be open to reason as to which standards are most appropriate and how they
should be applied.
3. Never yield to pressure, only to principle.
In short, focus on objective criteria firmly but flexibly. be open to reasoned persuasion on merits Insist on Using Objective Criteria TO YES Topic: Positional Bargaining

Will against will yields no success
Rather than risk, negotiate some basis of objective criteria willing and unwilling CHAPTER FIVE What a court would decide
Moral standards
Equal Treatment
Reciprocity Independent of will Legitimate and practical Standards Procedures Mediation or Arbitration Agree first on principles SIMPLE! & Never yield to pressure combination of openness to reason with insistence of using objective criteria seeking appropriate principles for a matter and using principles as an argument are DIFFERENT Get them to state their
reasoning Suggest objective criteria you think apply Refuse to budge except on this basis. Away
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