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P8. Outline methods by which scientific information is communicated.

BTEC Assignment material Unit 2

Rachel Hann

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of P8. Outline methods by which scientific information is communicated.

1> How do Research Scientists Communicate their Work to others?
Lectures and Presentations
Written Publications
Results may be presented as Images and Graphs
Media and News
Informal 'word of mouth'

And explain why each method might be used.

Advancement of Science
Public Information
Identify as own intellectual property.
File a Patent
Legal notice of Patent
Lab meetings
Seminars with guest speakers
Public Lectures
'Bouncing Ideas'
Inspiring and enthusing
Socialising (Meet in the bar) to discuss work.
Keeping public informed
Expert views
'Wow' Factor - fascination/entertainment
International Disaster Commentry e.g. Tsunami in Japan.
Scientific Journal eg Nature (High Impact)
Impact factors
Reference materials for citation
Peer Review
P8: Outline methods by which scientific information is communicated.
Consider (1) communication between research scientists and the public and (2) a public health campaign as two examples of Communication.
Meet the Professor for breakfast.
Present a poster, stand beside it
and talk about it.
Undergraduate Lectures
Secondary Education
Visit Schools and Colleges.
Sir Martin Evans Nobel Prize Winner. (Cardiff)
Lyn Evans
SERN (Hadron Collider) but he is from Aberdare.
Assessment Exercises such as the Research Excellence Framework (REF) Publish Findings in National Press.
International Collaboration
Sharing of Results
e.g. Human Genome Project.
(2) Next you need to consider how a Public Health Campaign may be organised by scientists.
We want to consider 'hand washing' as a public health publicity theme communicating science.
Commercial Companies, Universities and Institutes convey scientific information.
Web sites
Scientist profile pages
P8: Outline methods by which scientific information is communicated.
On rough paper rate each of the four YouTube clips on a scale of 1 (best) to 10 (worst) for;
A. Scientific content and
B. Communicating their message.
Also try to identify the target audience and reference source for each clip.
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