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British Lit Unit 3: A Turbulent Time (1625-1798)

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Jennifer Gibson

on 28 January 2011

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Transcript of British Lit Unit 3: A Turbulent Time (1625-1798)

A Turbulent Time (1625-1798)
British Literature Unit 3 Major Political Events King James I died in 1625, Charles I took the throne
Charles I & Parliament frequently clashed over money: Wars = $ and Parliament refused to give it up
Wars = $ forced loans from wealthy & made the poor serve as his soldiers and sailors dissolved Parliament and would not call it into session for ELEVEN YEARS. Religion was STILL an Issue What do you remember about previous religious controversy in England? wanted clergy to observe the practices of the Church of England (which still contained Catholic traditions) Puritans were enraged— believed that each group of worshippers should be able to choose who would be their minister (an idea DANGEROUSLY close to Democracy and far away from the realm of a monarch) These “dissenters” were persecuted & tortured as criminals The Civil War (1642-1647ish) Charles I: forced to fight Scottish rebels about his religious conformity; he had to have $$$ to fund this fight Reluctantly summoned Parliament which passed political reform after political reform
Parliament declared him a tyrant (1642).
This resulted in CIVIL WAR in England. Parliament’s forces (led by Oliver Cromwell) defeated the royalist army 1645: Parliament’s forces took Charles I as prisoner 1647: Radical Puritans (majority group) tried the king & convicted him of treason. Charles I was beheaded. This was a HUGE deal in Europe—a monarch had never been beheaded before January 30, 1649
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