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Absolutism in Russia

No description

David Mitiguy

on 12 October 2018

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Transcript of Absolutism in Russia

Catherine the Great ushers in Russia's Golden Age through extensive military campaigns
Russia's Rise to
Peter I ruled for 43 years
Over the next 37 years there would be 6 different rulers
Assumes throne after husband Peter III dies
Catherine the Great
Sought to Westernize Russia
Takes 18 Month Tour of Western Europe
Learns Shipbuilding
Embraces European culture
Peter the Great
1598-1613: Time between the fall of the Rurik Dynasty and the rise of the Romanov Dynasty
The Time of Troubles
Absolutism in Russia
Rurik Dynasty
862-1598 CE
Dimitry Ivanovich
Ivan Ivanovich
Dimitry of Uglich
Feodor I
Feodor I Dies
Boris Gordunov (son in law of Ivan) takes throne, but is viewed as illegitimate
Famine from 1601-1605
Boyars (Russian Nobles) vie for power
What's up with Dimitry?

Ivan the Terrible
1st Tsar of Russia
False Dimitry #1:
Random Polish Dude, pretends to be a Russian kid who died 18 years ago
Boris Godunov dies, and his son is murdered by a group of crazy Russians that believe the ghost of the dead kid
10 Months later, the Boyars decide they don't believe ghost boy, and kill him
Another fake Dimitry shows up 3 years later saying he still isn't dead (he definitely is)
Poland finally decides to play nice and a new Tsar is elected in 1613:
Michael Romanov
Romanov Dynasty
Rule Russia from 1613-1917
Shifts government style from autocratic dictatorship to absolute monarchy
Great Northern War
Goes to war with Sweden so he could gain water access to Europe
Moves capital to St. Petersburg
" The Window to the West "
Peter the Great:
Social Power
Develops control over the Boyars
Forces them all to move to St. Petersburg
Military and public service required for all Boyars
Peter the Great:
Economic Power
Builds St. Petersburg without foreign money
Russian economy booms with shift to mercantilism
Rapid industrialization
Russia had 13 factories when he assumes power, more than 200 are operational by his death
Peter the Great:
Cultural Power
Puts the Orthodox Church under government control
Used church money to finance wars and rapid expansion of empire
Melts down church bells and idols to make weapons
Forced Boyars to adopt western customs
Western clothing
Beard Tax
Starts first Russian schools, simplifies alphabet, newspaper, and creates a new calendar
Establishes Russia as a major empirical power
Prussian Princess, marries Peter III at age of 15

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